Renting A Villa For Your Family Vacation in Jamaica! 

Are you and your family planning on renting a villa in  Jamaica for your vacation?

Whether you’ve booked your Jamaican villa vacation or are still in the planning stages, a trip to Jamaica will put you in a good mood.

Want to get those good feelings even before you’re in Jamaica? Here are some fun facts about Jamaica that will get you even more excited about your upcoming trip to Jamaica.

Jamaica is known for its idyllic stretches of white-sand beaches, lush mountains, watersports, luxury resorts, and beyond.

Jamaica is home to a world of adventure — and relaxation. Discover paradise like never before with a world-class Jamaica villa vacation.

villa in Jamaica with private pool

With its typically balmy and idyllic Caribbean weather and an economy that relies heavily on tourism, there’s no shortage of places to go and things to see during your stay.

Best of all, our villas in Jamaica offer you the heart of Jamaican hospitality, incredible amenities, private pools, fully-staffed service, and more.

Whether you’re in the mood for the bustling entertainment of Ocho Rios or you’d prefer to unwind seaside, there’s a villa for you.


Jamaica is the Music Capital of the World.

When you think of Jamaican music, Bob Marley and Reggae likely come to mind. But Jamaicans aren’t just phenomenal (and the absolute authority) on reggae: they have created many other genres, like ska, roots, dancehall, folk, drum and bass, and many more!

The local talent goes beyond that. Jamaicans create genres and produce the most music per capita of any other country.

Many Jamaicans produce music from various genres, including pop, country, and rock. But foreigners love to make music in Jamaica as well.

Many music producers test new talent in Jamaica before launching it internationally because if Jamaicans love the music, the rest of the world will also.

Jamaicans know and love good music. Rihanna, Harry Belafonte, and Steel Pulse were first introduced to the world in Jamaica before going viral abroad. You’ll surely get a taste of their excitement at least once during your family vacation.

Jamaicans are Trailblazers for Human Rights.

Jamaicans aren’t shy about supporting equal rights for all. Nanny of the Maroons, a Jamaican national hero, helped free slaves from plantations in the 1800s.

Marcus Gavey, also a national hero of Jamaica, started the largest ever black movement in New York. Bob Marley would give free concerts in Africa to support peace and freedom, especially in countries like Zimbabwe.

Jamaicans didn’t end there. Jamaica fought with the Haitians to help Haiti become independent. They were also the first country to impose sanctions on apartheid-era South Africa.

The global Rastafarian Movement started on the island, created initially to unify black people worldwide.

James Bond scripts are written in Jamaica.

James Bond lovers, Jamaica is for you. Visiting Jamaica can easily be turned into a pilgrimage to the birthplace of James Bond. Ian Fleming, the man behind the Bond series, came to Jamaica as an intelligence operator during World War II.

After the war, he fell in love with the island’s beauty and settled on the northern shore. To remember one of the missions he had been on, he christened the property GoldenEye.

Ian Flemming stated he wrote every single Bond thriller in Jamaica. You can check out his private residence and visit James Bond beach while staying in Jamaica. You might remember the area from many Hollywood films as well. Best of all? The site is only 24 minutes from Ocho Rios.

Jamaicans Love Cranberries.

This may seem like a piece of random information, but you won’t be hard-pressed to find cranberries in Jamaica. Cranberries are imported by the millions to the island, making Jamaica the top consumer of cranberries globally (per capita).

Jamaicans love the health properties of the tart fruit, its thirst-quenching qualities (preferring it to coconut water when it’s hot out), and of course, the juice makes an excellent rum chaser.

Make sure you try some cranberry water when you’re in Jamaica. You won’t be disappointed.

The Oldest Western Golf Course is in Jamaica.


Jamaica boasts some beautiful golf courses and is frequently a golf destination. The country’s actual claim to fame, though, is it has the oldest golf course in the Western Hemisphere.

Manchester Golf Course, built-in 1867, is located in Mandeville and is the most extended, continuously operating course west of the Atlantic.

Golfing these 18 links will bring you back to the days before fairways were plowed and bamboo was planted.

Plan a trip to the golf course, though. It’s far away from all the main tourist cities in Jamaica: Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Negril are over two hours away.

Jamaica has Glow-in-the-Dark Water.

Yes, you read that right. Jamaica is one of only four places where phosphorescent (a light that glows without generating heat) activity in the water emits light, giving the water a magical glow.

The Luminous Lagoon in Falmouth is the only body of water in the world where this phenomenon occurs every night.

After dark, if you swim in these waters, you will see the water droplets lighting up as you move. They are like tiny fireflies lighting up the darkness of the water. You feel like you’re in a fairytale.

Best of all? It’s not super well-known. Shhh, let’s keep between us, ok?

Jamaica has the Fastest Runners in the world.

You’ve probably heard of a man named Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world. He, like many of the top sprinters, is Jamaican. He’s not the only one. The gold-medal sprinter winner is from team Jamaica or is of Jamaican descent. The fastest woman, Elaine Thompson-Herah, is also from Jamaica.

Why are Jamaicans, such good athletes? One thought is the years of running from slavery made Jamaicans being fast a necessity.

Almost all the top Jamaican sprinters are direct descendants of Maroons or free people who escaped slavery.

Couple that with the excellent root vegetables, local fruit locals grow up eating, and the hard-core Jamaican coaches, you have a group of people born to run.

Jamaican Patio is a Stand-Alone Language.

You might have heard that the national language of Jamaica is English, but Jamaicans speak patio.

Many Jamaicans speak Patois, a conglomerate of English words with native West African influences and unique grammar.

That makes Jamaican creole its unique language.

There are at least 3.2 million native speakers of Patois.

Will you, an English speaker, understand the Jamaican creole? You might pick up on a word or two, but you won’t get it unless you’ve studied Patois. Don’t worry: Jamaicans speak English as well.

Jamaica Used to be a Hotspot for Pirates.

Jamaica rum festival

Jamaica became a top hub for pirates in the 1600s. Why? You can’t be a pirate without rum, and Jamaica had lots of that.

Port Royal became the pirate capital of the world. Led by none other than captain Henry Morgan (Captain Morgan rum, anyone?), the pirates could pillage and plunder the many trade vessels that sailed by. Captain Morgan is buried here.

Port Royal wasn’t known for its morality, either, formally being called the wickedest city on earth due to its reputation of being full of bars, brothels, and pirates.

That didn’t prevent Port Royal from becoming the world’s second-largest city. It held that title until a massive earthquake and tsunami swallowed most of the town.

You can learn more at the Port Royal Collection in Kingston.

Jamaica is the Cultural Capital of the Caribbean.

We know why you want to go to Jamaica. You want to escape home cold and lie peacefully on the beach. Or we’re pretty sure we can guess.

You and your family can spend as much — or as little — beach time as you want. Jamaica fits the bill.

But, when you want to get up and explore the island, Jamaica has you covered too. Jamaicans are proud of their culture, and the many museums, festivals, and entertainment are available year-round to prove it.

Ultimately, you can have it all in a vacation to Jamaica: a paradise for tourists and a cultural, historical experience that interests kids and adults alike.

You can discover Jamaica for yourself.

How are you feeling now? If you feel good about a Jamaica villa vacation your whole family will enjoy, you might wonder where to stay.

Here at Villa Serenity, we’re a full-service, all-inclusive villa in Jamaica on the north coast. That means you’ll enjoy an entire staff, including a private chef and chauffeur, laundry service, and cleaning in your vacation rental residence with ocean views.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s an overview of what you’ll enjoy at our Jamaican Villa Serenity in Ocho Rios.

  • Eight thousand five hundred square feet of space for your friends or family to spread. You have five bedrooms, a den, a game room, and a bar to enjoy.
  • There is a private pool (with pool-side service) and a private guests-only beach, with exclusive Puerto Seco resort access.
  • Staff to pamper you. Enjoy meals made to your specifications, hand-crafted cocktails, and clean room and clothes daily. You can also visit the spa for some much-needed relaxation.
  • Your private chauffeur, who doubles as your island tour guide.
  • Easy access to all Ocho Rios and Jamaica offers, including Dunn River Falls, Mystic Mountain Ziplining, swimming with dolphins, and James Bond Beach.

Want to check availability? Visit us here.

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