5 Facts You Need to Know About Jamaica Villas!

5 facts you need to know before you book a villa. It’s likely you know someone who has stayed at an all-inclusive Jamaican resort. Or maybe you’ve stayed at one yourself. After all, it’s still the most popular option for tourists who come to Jamaica.

But the truth is, big, all-inclusive resorts are far from perfect. And you have more options for discovering Jamaica than you think.

If you prefer a more relaxed setting, where your days move at your own pace, you don’t have to share the pool with strangers, and your privacy is total and complete, then renting an authentic Jamaica villa might be the right choice for you.

Jamaica villas come in various styles and sizes for travelers of all kinds—from quaint villas to large palatial villas to multi-site villas for big groups, and a lot more.

Why You Should Book a Jamaican Villa over An All-inclusive Resort

Most travelers book hotel and resort accommodations in Jamaica because that’s what they—and their friends, family, and acquaintances—have always done.

They have little knowledge about the benefits of renting a villa on our beautiful island…and are probably a little nervous about trying something different.

But here are 5 Facts About Jamaica Villas that will have you rethinking your travel plans and switching to a villa over a big resort or hotel.

1. Villas Are Very Easy to Book

Every traveler knows how to reserve and check into a hotel. But many are not aware that Jamaican villas are just as easy—if not easier—to book. Visit websites like Home Away, Flip Key, and VRBO for hundreds of listings of private villas in Jamaica, with easy-to-browse photos and details about size, location, etc. In many cases, you can book your stay directly from these websites.

Or, it could just be a matter of sending a quick email to the villa’s owner or proprietor (like me, Cavel, owner of Jamaica Ocean View Villa). We’ll get you set up with great accommodations on the dates you want—and most often, you’ll save money, too. (More on that in a minute!)

2. Jamaica Villas Are Private

Most hotels in Jamaica are crowded, depriving guests of the privacy and convenience they need for a stress-free and memorable vacation.

Renting a villa in Jamaica, on the other hand, offers the same privacy and convenience you have in your own home. Usually, the cupboards are stocked with cooking utensils and the swimming pools (like the one at Jamaica Ocean View Villa) are all yours to enjoy. No need to fight over sunbeds!

And because you won’t be surrounded by hundreds of strange faces, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind when it comes to the security of your belongings and your own personal safety.

3. Villas Introduce You to Great Local Staff

At major hotels in Jamaica, the attention guests receive from staff is minimal and often lackluster.

In part, this is because the staff is overworked and dealing with hundreds of guests with hundreds of individual needs. It’s not really their fault!

Jamaica villas, on the other hand, often have an on-site, professional staff that is there to meet the needs of your group and your group only. Services include housekeeping, meal preparation (with traditional Jamaican dishes), concierge services, transportation, and more.

fully staffed villa in OCHO Ríos

Once visitors try a Jamaica villa, they often return to that same villa, again and again, thanks to the top-quality service they receive from the wonderful staff, who become like friends.

4. Villas Give You Delectable Cuisine

Sure, resorts and hotels will serve you Jamaican food—and some of it can be quite good. But often, it’s a watered-down version, and it’s certainly not prepared fresh just for you.

At a Jamaica villa like ours, a cook will sit down with you and plan a personalized menu just for you and your group. For adventurous palates, our professional cook will prepare traditional Jamaican cuisine like jerk chicken and more. Or, let them know the kind of food you’d rather try instead and travel the globe with both national and international dishes.

Villas in Jamaica with private chef

It’s all for you—and ready to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own kitchen or dining room.

Check out the reviews for your villa accommodation and see what the reviews are saying about the food. Most likely, they’re going to rave! Jamaican cooks are among the world’s best!

 Jamaica Villas are Cost-Effective

Not only are villas private, secluded, authentic, and staffed with amazing locals, they’re also a cost-effective way to enjoy our wonderful country.

Even if you book a luxurious ocean-view mansion that seems like something out of your wildest dreams for you and 15 other people, you are almost guaranteed to spend less per person when compared to booking an all-inclusive resort or hotel.

Check out your options for yourself and do the math!

 Villas Offer Exclusive Amenities

The majority of villas in Jamaica are well-equipped with luxury amenities to ensure a memorable stay.

Swimming pools are practically standard. And they are often surrounded by sun beds for ultimate relaxation.

Plus you get your own kitchen, and maybe even your own game room (like ours!) with a pool table, bar, and other activities just for you.

Renting a villa in Jamaica while on a vacation offers you the opportunity to experience the local culture firsthand and leave with memories to cherish for a long time to come.

The island is full of incredible accommodations. Make the most of your trip by renting a villa in Jamaica.

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