Unique Souvenirs Buy in Jamaica

It might not be time to pack your bags for the fabulous Jamaica villa quite yet, but why not start thinking about the fabulous souvenirs you can bring back with you. That way, when you’re packing, you can leave some space for:

  1. Jamaican Rum: We love the Appleton Distillery. (Can’t you tell? It’s been featured in a few posts!) As it’s definitely on the list of places to visit, bringing back a fifth or a handle of classic Jamaican rum is a must!
  2. Coffee: If you’re a serious coffee drinker, more likely than not you’ve heard about the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. This family-owned coffee bean company has been around since 1885. The beans are from farmers all around the Blue Mountain region and available internationally. However, there’s just something special about actually buying it in Jamaica. (It’s a lot less expensive too.)
  3. Pictures: This is one of those obvious list items. If you’re going to stay in a beautiful Jamaica villa on an Ocho Rios vacation then you’re going to encounter countless things to photographs. Capture the sunset on the first night, a picture of your sweetheart trying authentic cuisine, a shot of a croc in Dunn’s Falls River, and definitely a snapshot of the ocean. Take as many pictures as your memory card will hold.
  4. Cooking items: It’s likely that your local market doesn’t carry a wide variety of specialty international cooking ingredients. On your Jamaican vacation, take advantage of the opportunity to stock up on traditional spices, jerk seasoning, and locally made hot sauces.
  5. Crafts items: There is a great deal of talented local artists who have a unique perspective to share. Many times, if you purchase the art directly from the creator they will happily sign and date the piece. Look for oil paintings, wood carvings, jewelry, and other craft items to bring home with you.

Your personal staff at the Jamaican Ocean View Villa in Ocho Rios will certainly be able to advise you where to purchase these items and have more suggestions of fun items to remember your trip by!