7 Top Tips to Save on Your Jamaica Vacation


No One like Saving Money Like I do!

Planning a luxury vacation in the exotic Caribbean location  of Jamaica without breaking the bank is never an easy task.

You want your family to enjoy their vacation, relax on the luscious white sandy beaches, climb the many waterfalls, swim with the dolphins, bob sliding, etc. You need to accomplish this all on a budget.

Take your time following the steps below; analyzing the cost of airfare, accommodation, activities and meals and the ways that can save you hundreds of dollars.

Save on you vacation to Jamaica

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  1. Save on Flights

Traveling to Jamaica  for your family vacation, and the price of tickets seems to make it impossible.

Don’t worry there are still deals to be had; you just need to know where and when to look.

Generally, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to fly, so arrange your schedule accordingly.

An added bonus is that  if you travel on these days the airports tend to be less crowded. This can reduce the stress levels for you and your family as you move through security and head to your gate.

You can also save yourself some  research time by signing up for  travel  e-newsletter that lists the best deals for the week.

Book a Direct flight to Jamaica, as they are less expensive than connecting flight. Find your ideal flights by choosing an airport close to your home Or you can drive to the very nearest airport where you can find flights at a fraction of the price.



2. Last Minute Travel

Last Minute travel is an ideal way to get the best rates on accommodation and flights to your destination.  However, this requires some effort and research on your part, to find those last minute deals, but the savings are tremendous.


Cavel Capalbo, a vacation rental homeowner for over 10 years Ocho Rios Jamaica’s #1 family destination 

“INSIDER tip on a last minute deal are to sign up for newsletters with your favorites accommodation. 

Many times last minute deals  and reduced rates are offered to  vacation rentals MAILING LIST, first.

3. Book A Vacation Rental Vs. A Hotel

It’s more economical to rent a vacation home versus a resort or hotel. Booking a vacation rental, you’ll also accumulate extra savings by avoiding extra hotel amenity fees as well as saving on dining.

Forget about fighting for the staff attention, sharing your lounge chairs with total strangers AND it’s a definite plus when you don’t have to share the pool with others!

“INSIDER tip #2: Dining. Your villa staff can pre-stock your first-night dinner and next morning breakfast. They will then complete your grocery shopping, prepare your meals.  the little ones can have separate meal times.are to sign up for newsletters with your favorites accommodation. 

Your vacation starts upon arrival, Consult with the owner prior to booking regarding this FREE Service!


4. Pay by Credit Cards

When booking a vacation rental, take the extra steps to ensure you are booking with a reputable and trusted owner, but in the event, you skip this step DO pay with a credit card that covers fraud.


5. Book Direct with Owner to avoid vacation rental service fees

listing site fees

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Did you know that hotels and vacation rental listing sites charge traveler money to use their booking platform? You can end up paying anywhere from 5 – 15% of the rental rate in a ‘service fee.

To avoid these service fees, search the individual owner websites, once you find the perfect accommodation for your vacation. Be sure to book directly with owners through a certified, secure encrypted site, to avoid the dreaded service fee. 

6.Book Off Peak Season

By visiting during an off-peak travel period, you can snag some sweet deals. And in some cases, it can make a typically expensive trip downright affordable.

Try your very best to carve out some vacation time during off-season months of May, September, October, November and  you save you a lot of money.

Shoulder season months in Jamaica are still hot and the beaches are empty, at the same time hospitality rates plummet. You could probably save  thousands!

7.Secret Insider Tip

Book your vacation directly on Jamaica Ocean View villa, website and you can start saving instantly; FREE TRANSPORTATION, PLUS SAVING HUNDREDS ON TOURS AND EXCURSION.

Save on Dolphin Cove, Dunn’s River Falls and Transportation Savings and more!

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