The Perfect Beach Destination Wedding Location: Jamaica

You’ve seen the pictures. Jamaica is beautiful no matter what the time of year is. If you’re looking for a coastal destination, Ocho Rios should be on the list of places to check out. Imagine tying the knot with your best friend next to the rolling waves of the Caribbean Sea surrounded by your family and closest friends. A private Jamaican villa rental can be the perfect low-key venue for your small destination wedding. Not convinced? Here are three more reasons to add Ocho Rios to your itinerary.

  1. Narrow your guest list. You may not think that planning an exotic wedding would be an asset to your budget. However, when you trim down your guest list to the people that you actually want to be there and compare it to a huge reception where you only know a third of the attendees well—you’re saving money. And you’re making your event more intimate and memorable. You can always plan a post-wedding party if you think your coworkers and your mom’s close friends will be miffed to be not included.
  2. Who needs decorations? When you choose a picturesque location for the ceremony and reception then you need fewer decorations: think ribbons, excessive flowers, and chair covers. Who needs these when you have a breathtaking tropical beach as your backdrop?  Generally, when you plan your wedding at a resort or rent a Jamaican villa on the beach you have access to private beaches. This can be a huge asset to your festivities.
  3. Share a new culture and part of your honeymoon. A destination wedding, in some ways, is like a group vacation with a little extra excitement and a reason to celebrate. Your guests can take advantage of some much-needed downtime and share in some adventures exploring the local area. Ocho Rios, Jamaica has a huge amount of activities nearby to cater to every kind of traveler.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica can accommodate every size of the wedding party. If you’re hosting an intimate gathering of fewer than thirty people, the Ocean View Jamaica Villa could be the perfect venue. Hold your ceremony on the private beach and let the talented chef handle the cooking, the bartender handle the drinks, and enjoy a stress-free intimate gathering. For larger weddings, consider booking your reception in a local banquet hall and spending the week vacationing with your family and close friends. Contact Ocean View’s staff for recommendations.

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