6 Things You Need to Know Before Booking an All-Inclusive Jamaica Vacation

A Jamaica all-inclusive villa vacation to Ocho Rios is the trip of a lifetime. With beautiful beaches, interesting attractions, and an exciting town waiting to be discovered, Ocho Rios is the ultimate destination for a memorable getaway, but how much you’ll enjoy your trip will depend greatly on where you stay.

The allure of booking an all-inclusive-Inclusive Family Vacation in a Jamaican Villa vacation can be great.

The idea of paying one low price for accommodations, food, and activities can seem like a simple, affordable way to handle your Jamaica vacation; however, there are some drawbacks to all-inclusive travel that you must be aware of before you book.

Villas in Jamaica with Pool

Here are the six things the all-inclusive resorts in Ocho Rios don’t want you to know:

1. The Savings Don’t Always Add Up.

The biggest draw of an all-inclusive resorts Jamaica vacation is the price. Resorts tout low rates and claim that they are the absolute cheapest way to experience Jamaica, but this is not always the case.

When you compare the cost of accommodations at an all-inclusive resort with the prices of a Jamaica villa that offers meals and discounts on activities, you often don’t win by going all-inclusive, especially if you’re traveling with a large group.

2. What You See Is Not Always What You Get.

Websites and pamphlets that sell Ocho Rios’s all-inclusive vacations show photographs of gorgeous, luxury accommodations, but these are not what the average traveler often gets.

Typically, all-inclusive resorts have a handful of VIP rooms that cost much more to stay in than the standard room price. When you arrive, you may be shown to a room that looks much different than what you imagined.

3. All-Inclusive Doesn’t Mean Fee Free.

That low price that the all-inclusive resort promises isn’t usually what you end up paying. Most resorts tack additional fees onto the cost of the package. When it comes time to settle your bill, you may be in for a nasty surprise.

4. You Won’t Get the True Ocho Rios Experience.

All-inclusive resorts are designed to keep you on the resort property, where you’ll spend money on alcohol and perhaps take advantage of activities that are not included in the standard resort price.

These resorts are typically Americanized and stripped of the local color that makes Jamaica unique. When you don’t leave the property, you’ll miss the chance to truly experience Ocho Rios, and you’ll end your Jamaica vacation feeling as if you might have been staying on an island in the world.

5. Your Food and Drink Options Are Limited.

The saying that you get what you pay for is very true when it comes to all-inclusive vacations. Food quality and meal options are limited unless you are willing to pay for upgrades. Alcohol is also generally not included, and drinks are sold for a hefty price.

6. Your Privacy Is Limited.

When you stay at an all-inclusive resort, you’ll be surrounded by fellow tourists who also expect to spend their entire Jamaica vacations on the resort property. This can make for crowded beaches and pool decks and greatly reduced privacy.

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