Caribbean Carnival: Jamaica Carnival in April 

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 April in Jamaica is full of sunny days and local culture like none other. Book your stay today!

So, you’re wondering if you should book a trip to Jamaica in April. Will your family enjoy the tropical sun of Jamaica? What will the weather be like in April? Do Jamaicans have Carnival and Easter celebrations?

You’ll find all the details down below.

Why Should You Visit Jamaica in April?

April is one of the best times of the year to visit Jamaica. The high season for tourism runs from mid-December to mid-April, so by the time April 15 rolls around, accommodation prices will decrease, and crowds will be fewer.

The weather is still excellent, and if Easter falls in April, you’re in for a Jamaica treat.

Jamaican Weather in April

With temperatures averaging around 80 degrees, and warm ocean water to match, you’ll love the warm climate of Jamaica in April. The lows are in the 70’s so you’ll only need a light coat for the duration of your trip.

Since Jamaica has a tropical climate, they get rain but generally only at night and early morning. The rain is never cold in Jamaica. It’s warm and refreshing. With that being said, April is a low-brain season in Jamaica.

April Public Holidays in Jamaica

If Easter is in April – which for 2022 it is – there are many public holidays in the month.

What does that mean for you, a tourist in Jamaica in April?

You’ll need to plan your food and activities in advance. Jamaicans take public holidays seriously. Businesses close, and beaches are packed. Some companies will close the day before the holiday or earlier.

And Easter Sunday isn’t the only day they take off. Here is a list of the days of Holy Week that many Jamaican businesses will close for. We’ve included common festivities for these Easter holidays as well.

Holy Thursday (April 14, 2022)

Some Jamaicans predict the future with eggs on Holy Thursday night. They’ll put an egg in water on Holy Thursday and will look at the pattern of the egg white on good Friday to determine what their future holds.

Good Friday (April 15, 2022)

Fish is traditionally eaten on this solemn day, and you’ll likely see some Jamaicans dressed in black.

Holy Saturday (April 16, 2022)

Businesses will be closed, and locals scurry around in Easter preparations on Holy Saturday.

Easter Sunday (April 17, 2022)

You won’t see any black today! Jamaica erupts into white and bright colors to celebrate the risen Christ. Even if you don’t celebrate, you’ll feel the joy around you.

Don’t forget to try the traditional Easter bun, the Jamaican’s take on hot cross buns usually eaten with a slice of cheese.

Easter Monday (April 18, 2022)

Two big festivals take place on Easter Monday in Jamaica. If you want a break from Carnival, they feature fun for the whole family. You can find more information under the festival section of this article.

Jamaica Carnival in April

Not only does Carnival celebrate Easter, but it also marks the end of slavery in Jamaica.

The Carnival begins in February or March and cumulates in a huge celebration the week following Easter.

And by huge Jamaican celebration, we mean masquerades, parades, parties, dancing, music, and rum. It’s one of the best ways to get a real feel for vibrant Jamaican culture.

Although the Carnival is hosted by the capital city of Jamaica, Kingston, the celebrations don’t stop there. The main carnival hubs outside of Kingston are Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.

You can actually join a band of your choice to fully immerse yourself in the Jamaican carnival experience. You’ll also enjoy world-class music, including soca and calypso, traditional Jamaican music beyond reggae.

As if the parades and masquerades weren’t enough, there are parties every week to celebrate. Enjoy the sunrise breakfast party, I love Soca & Afloat, and Frenchman fetes, just to name a few.

Festivals in Jamaica in April

Other than Carnival, you’ll enjoy some other exciting festivals in April in Jamaica. Many of the events in April are inspired by Easter and Carnival.

International Kite Festival

Easter Monday

Fun for kids and adults alike. The Jamaican Kite Festival has competitions, kite flying, dancing, and easter buns. Located just past St Ann’s Bay, in the same parish (the Jamaican equivalent to a state) as Ocho Rios, you’ll come for the kites and stay for the music line-up.

Trelawney Yam Festival

Easter Monday

Trelawney is a parish located between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. In April, the people gather to celebrate their unique culture and their prize crop, the yam.

The parish emphasizes the health benefits of yams, claiming that the great talent of Usain Bolt – the Olympian gold-medalist and world record holder from Trelawney – is partly due to his love of yams.

You’ll have plenty of fun at the festival with yam-themed food, yam races, and unique competitions.

Places to Stay in Jamaica in April

If you want to participate in the April festivities, make sure you book your  Jamaican villa in advance. Places fill up quickly around Easter when everyone wants to take part in the fun.

Jamaica Villa Living Room

Tourism slows down by the end of April when the tourist shoulder season begins: fewer crowds but excellent weather and accommodation deals.

If you’re coming for Carnival, we recommend booking a villa in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, or Kingston. Book far in advance.

And with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a good idea to purchase travel insurance for peace of mind.

Stay in a place that combines comfort with the location. You’re likely going to Jamaica to relax, and it’s not just about the local parties and events.

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Unlike resorts, where you’re often limited to the amenities on the property, at Villa Serenity, you’ll have options.

While Villa Serenity can be an all-inclusive villa vacation, you can also take part in the local events with insider tips from your staff.

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Have any questions? Give us a call. Let’s get your April Jamaican vacation booked!