Winter Jamaica Villa Vacation For the Whole Family

Jamaica is one of the most exciting islands to visit in the Caribbean, and even more so when you’re traveling with children, as there are just so many places to explore.

If Jamaica is at the top of your list for vacation, chances are you’re looking to experience the culture and excitement of the island.

Some of the must-visit spots in Jamaica when traveling with family includes

A trip to Jamaica comes with near-perfect weather and year-round temperatures from the mid-70s to the high 80s.

Everyone deserves a sunny escape from the winter’s gray skies, long underwear, cold fingers, chilly mornings, shoveling snow …. Can quickly take a toll on your mood.

Escape winter

That when Jamaica comes to your rescue with its warm weather, beautiful beaches and it’s only a plane ride away; in no time you’ll be in a sunny climate with blue skies and warm turquoise waters.

It’s a relief to know you can get away to somewhere warm to escape the grip of the icy cold winter season.

Jamaica is an amazing playground for children and adults alike providing all the pampering you could ever want. We’ve got some ideas that both you and your family will appreciate.

Dolphin’s Cove

Famaily activity in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Photo Credit: One Love Jamaica

Visitors can enjoy these truly unique animals while touching, dancing, swimming, and kissing one of these beautiful dolphins.

Swimming with the dolphins can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

There’s also the option of going on a glass-bottom tour to see the dolphins, which is perfect for toddlers. Most children love petting and kissing the dolphins, and older children can feed and help take care of them as part of a Dolphin Care Program.

Best for: Little Kids 3-6, Big Kids 7-9, Tweens 10-12, Teens 13-17

Scuba Divining

scuba diving Jamaica

Photo Credit: Firststep2000

The open waters of Ocho Rios beckon. Experience the whole new water world!


snorkeling in Ocho RiosPhoto Credit: Chris Hammond

Enjoy the very best snorkeling off the coast of Jamaica.


golf in Jamaica

Jamaica has some of the most challenging golf in the Caribbean.


Jamaica vacation beach

Jamaica boasts some of the stunning beaches in the world.


Take older kids to climb Dunn’s, River Falls

Famous Dunns River falls

Dunn’s River Fall is one of Jamaica’s most magnificent natural treasures

A trip to the Dunn’s River Falls is a must when in Jamaica, especially if the kiddos are along for the ride. At this 180 feet high waterfall, you’ll find plenty of photo opportunities and lots of adventure.

Take the kids along on a guided hike of the area. You can even hold hands and take older kids into the waterfall. There are wading pools along the way, some in front of the falls which are fun to splash around and take family photos.

Adventures such as ziplining, bobsledding, and more.

Ocho Rios Villa All-inclusive

A once in a lifetime experience at Mystic Mountain: includes a scenic journey on the Rainforest Sky Lift Explorer overlooking the beautiful Ocho Rios town.

You can get into things like zip-lining (age five and up), bobsledding, and go on a rainforest adventure. Jamaica’s rainforests are said to be comparative in beauty to its beaches, and as part of this excursion, you’ll be able to take a lift right up the mountain and over the forest.

From the top, you’ll be able to spot waterfalls and amazing views of the ocean. Also at the summit, there’s a splash pool, a hummingbird garden, and a restaurant. From there you’ll be able to zoom down the mountain in a bobsled which will be a sure thrill. Try the

TIP: Be sure to pack your swimsuit and suntan lotion, and leave the coat, turtlenecks, and gloves at home.


Renting a private villa in Ocho Rios Jamaica offers privacy, well-appointed, and decidedly luxurious, the villas feature a private chef who will prepare delectable meals for you to enjoy.

villa in Jamaica with private pool

Some villas come with a private chauffeur, allowing guests to explore the island; which includes coral reefs, secluded beaches, and dolphins and waterfalls, and more.

Whether you’re fantasizing about a weekend getaway or a longer trip we can help you beat the blues. We would love to host you at Jamaica Ocean View Villa.

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