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Give the Best Gift: A Family Vacation (to Jamaica)

Eighteen summers. Eighteen. That’s all we get – just eighteen summers with our children, as children. With our grandchildren, before they grow up. Eighteen spring breaks. Eighteen Christmases/Hanukkahs/Kwanzaas. Eighteen summers. Just eighteen. We must spend them wisely. One such way: Family vacations. Yearly reunions. Memory-making multigenerational trips. This holiday season, gift the most magical, most […]

3 Reasons Why Jamaica is Perfect for Multigenerational Trip (+ 4 Tips for Making Everyone Happy)

  These are the reasons why jamaica is perfect for multigenerational trip. From the resorts to the restaurants to activities, there is something to please everyone. Picking the perfect destination for your family reunion is no easy task. There are so many hurdles to leap – scheduling, and flights, and priorities, and etc. etc. – […]