Ocho Rios Family Activities

Ocho Rios Jamaica

On the north-eastern shore of Jamaica lies the lush area known as Ocho Rios. At one time the local resident evicted the Spanish settlers here, while today the welcome luxury travelers and cruise ships. The area had countless attractions, stunning beaches and quality resorts. The surrounding forests and landscapes are a constant draw for visitors, as is the azure blue waters, so clear that you can see the fish swimming.


Ocho Rios Family Activities

The area had long been a draw for visitors, from the ocean going pirates of history to the sun seeking travelers of today. While the pirates have long disappeared, the world class travelers have made this a preferred playground. There is plenty to do here, that is if you can even manage to get yourself off of the beach. You can even visit the beach where James Bond did one of the very first movies.

Nearby are the stunning Dunn’s River Falls. The terraced waterfall is something like 160 feet long and 600 feet wide, with water cascading down what looks like a giant staircase. Throughout are small lagoons and the entire falls are ringed by lush vegetation. There are organized climbs available, that take about one and a half house, and can be done by most people in a reasonably fit condition.

For those that want to get right in with nature, there is a place called Dolphin Cove just out on Highway A3 (accessible by taxi) where you can go swimming with dolphins. This is not just a ‘stick your toes in the water’ thing but actually swimming with them. If you prefer to stay on land, there are plenty of other things to do.

Ocho Rios has a fantastic botanical garden called Shaw Park Botanical Gardens as well as the beautiful Coyaba River Garden and Museum complex. Or if you want to get away from the beach from the day and really get wild, try the Rainforest Adventures at Mystic Mountain. They have an amusement park with a lift and zip line, a great roller coaster and other rides.

There is lots of great accommodation and places to eat all around the area. It can get rather busy when there are cruise ships in port but you can always find a quiet stretch of sand somewhere. This is probably one on the most beautiful places on the entire island, and that is why so many people come here. Of course, there is fantastic nightlife too, so after you have spent the day on the beach or climbing through jungle waterfalls, you can head out for a night on the town replete with lush tropical cocktails and dancing to reggae music

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