Best Time of Year To Go To Jamaica

                     Best Time to Book a Flight to Jamaica

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Jamaica’s average temperature is 80° F all year round, so you have to look at factors other than temperature to decide when is the best time to visit Jamaica. Some things to look out for are deals on lodging and attractions, season popularity and hurricane or rainy seasons.

Peak Season

Mid-December to April is peak travel season, raising rates for some hotels to more than $700 per night. There is certainly something attractive about leaving the cold behind to enjoy endless warmth in a tropical paradise, so it’s up to each traveler whether the weather is their main concern. Because of our beautiful weather, the winter season is regularly booked solid with pricier deals.

In March and April, Jamaica has a Spring Break rush, when you can expect to see thousands of college coeds seeking thrill and adventure with boundless enthusiasm. Spring Break time also offers slightly raised rates, but may be well worth it for energetic travelers. If you’re more like me and prefer a relaxing vacation, March and April might be a time to avoid.

Hurricane Season

In summer, rates are relatively low, but you’ll experience slightly higher temperatures and the possibility of hurricanes.  June 1st to November 30th is hurricane season. Jamaica doesn’t often get slammed by hurricanes, but the mere possibility is enough to keep many people away.

Accommodations are generally cheaper and the beaches are less crowded during hurricane season, so it’s worth the risk to many. It would be a good idea to purchase travel insurance and watch weather patterns leading up to your travel dates.

Off Season

Mid-April to mid-December is the offseason. This season comes with fewer crowds, lower prices, cheaper and less crowded flights, sales at local shops and walk-in dining. Some businesses use the off-season to remodel and may not be open to customers during this season, so check beforehand.

May to October is the rainiest period, which might sound discouraging for most vacation destinations, but is somewhat magical in Jamaica. Our rain showers come in bursts and disappear as quickly as they appeared.

The warm rain is refreshing, fun and sets a tone of spontaneity for your Jamaican adventure. If rain isn’t quite your style, you’ll want to avoid the rainy season, and September and October in particular.

Best Season

Deals on villas, resorts, vacation rentals, hotels, and flights are best from November to mid-December, which is part of the off-season and includes the off-season benefits like discounted rates and less crowding. By then, the rain has gone and temperatures are just perfect. Businesses are still offering discounted rates on lodging, food, attractions, services and more.

November is part of hurricane season, but it is at the tail end when most tropical storms have either past or are at least predicted or identified. With travel insurance, you should have plenty of time to cancel in case of inclement weather.

Because the local community thrives on tourism, you might experience more enthusiastic and welcoming service during these slow months, and it is customary to tip 5% to 10% more during this season than in peak seasons.

Booking Your Flight to Jamaica For Your Upcoming Vacation

In the United States, the prime window for booking international flights is about eight to twelve weeks before travel dates. Booking two to three months in advance of your trip usually offers you the best prices and more flight options to fit your schedule.

Google’s Travel team recently released research that shows late August and early September as the prime booking times for a Thanksgiving or late November holiday.

In October, prices are likely to increase by 95%. In November, prices will increase again by 30%. Once within a week of your travel date, you’ll find even higher prices.

Flights Product Manager at Google, Thijs van As, encourages travelers to consider other factors when scheduling a round-trip flight, like the length of the trip and the date of return.

Longer trips tend to offer more affordable pricing, especially when you’re able to avoid busy return dates, like the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Google has just launched a new feature of Google Flights to help travelers sift through the confusing options. This feature shows the typical price for a flight based on the previous year’s bookings, so you can see which dates will offer the best deals for your trip.

This tool shows the cheapest flights with the cheapest options, so remember that your preferences might have an effect on the affordability of the flight you choose.

Where to Book Flights to Jamaica

Finding deals on flights has never been easier than it is today. Google’s new travel tool will show you the cheapest dates to book your flight based on the previous year’s bookings, and you can find even better deals on top of that by using a travel service website.

Take your pick of travel websites and get huge deals on tickets. You can compare fares from eight different travel sites on Cheaptickets, Orbitz, Priceline and Expedia offer similar fares and has been known to offer tickets at rates 40% below the other travel sites.

Don’t Forget This Important Tip!

No matter what time of year you choose to visit Jamaica or what your reasons are for coming, just be sure to make the trip someday. Everyone should experience this gorgeous tropical island and its welcoming culture at least once in their lives.

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