Jamaica villa located in Ocho Rios accommodations offers the perfect setting to relax and reconnect, or deepen new friendships.

Jamaica in summer is walking down the beach, with lush, green hills rising on your one side, and the sparkling Caribbean lapping at the other. Jamaica in summer is the scent of jerk on the breeze, and the taste of rum on your lips. Jamaica in summer is more sun and fewer crowds.

Personal Attention and a Genuine Local Experience – Villa Serenity is a fully staffed with gourmet chef, butler, housekeeper, bartender, and gardener.

Search around a bit, and you’ll dig up a few reasons why you should supposedly visit Jamaica in March and April. But at Villa Serenity,

Renowned for being one of the best restaurants in Ocho Rios, Jamaica Inn’s Restaurant is an open-air room where guests can enjoy refreshing ocean

If you’re thinking of having a multi family getaway in ocho rios jamaica.Taking a family vacation is always an exciting time

The perfect getaway for large families, group retreats or wedding parties, this villa boasts large, open common spaces for getting together yet provides secluded, distant bedrooms for privacy, as well as a pristine, private swimming pool and expansive pool deck.

Maybe you’d like to bring together friends and family for an elegant poolside party under the stars, in sun filled Jamaica.

Overall, the conditions during the winter months are perfect for those looking to spend a week or two in a tropical island paradise, making the most of the beautiful ocean and all the natural attractions Ocho Rios has to offer, or, for those quite content to spend their day in the pool, relaxing in the shade.

Ocho Rios has been named one of the best destinations in the world by millions of TripAdvisor travelers. Here’s how Jamaica Ocean View Villa can help celebrate this major win:

Family dining is at Jamaica Ocean View Villa in Ocho Rios, with delicious dining choices everyone will enjoy.  Your chef will delight even the most finicky palate, with a world of choices that offer a culinary journey.

Canadians Search 3x More for this Bucket List Haven v. Americans

Vacation rentals are great – you save money and can bring a bigger group (great for multi-generational family getaways with kids and grandparents). But when there’s a kitchen? Someone is expected to cook dinner. When there’s a washer & dryer? Someone is expected to make sure the family’s bathing suits stay clean.

Moms deserve a break in Jamaica! After ensuring refrigerators (and tummies) are full. Keeping track of doctor appointments and soccer practices. Matching lonely socks with their mates… every single morning.

When you’re looking to enjoy the best family vacation,  and keep the memories; there’s no place better than Jamaica Ocean View Villa.

Where our  family vacation home offer something for everyone, from private chauffeur to take you to unlimited land and water sports to gourmet and authentic Jamaican dining choices.

Everyone deserve a sunny escape from the winter’s gray skies, long underwear, cold fingers, chilly  mornings, shoveling snow …. Can quickly take a toll on your mood.

Escape winter

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  Millions of travelers visit Jamaica each year in search of sun, fun, and relaxation. The exquisite turquoise Caribbean sea and shimmering white sand never disappoint those seeking the perfect family vacation. Jamaica has an average temperature of 80 degrees during the winter. Winter and Spring vacation to Jamaica, but you have packed all your […]