Jamaica villa located in Ocho Rios accommodations offers the perfect setting to relax and reconnect, or deepen new friendships.

Are you planning to getaway from the winter’s icy grip?

Everyone deserve a sunny escape from the winter’s gray skies, long underwear, cold fingers, chilly  mornings, shoveling snow …. Can quickly take a toll on your mood.

Escape winter

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How to Choose a Caribbean Island Vacation

It’s the time of year when we start to think of winter and getting away from the cold.

Now you and your family have decided to go to the Caribbean.

James Bond Beach Jamaica

Great Choice!

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The Essential Jamaica vacation Packing List

  Millions of travelers visit Jamaica each year in search of sun, fun, and relaxation. The exquisite turquoise Caribbean sea and shimmering white sand never disappoint those seeking the perfect family vacation. Jamaica has an average temperature of 80 degrees during the winter. Winter and Spring vacation to Jamaica, but you have packed all your […]

Insanely Good Food At Seven (Affordable) Restaurants in Ocho Rios Jamaica

All-inclusive villa in Jamaica is known for it beautiful beaches, reggae music, water falls, however, this tropical island is also known for its uniquely flavored foods. Many private villa offers a private chef, who will prepare your meals. So make sure you sample some authentic Jamaican food, such as Jerk chicken, jerk pork, oxtail, mutton, […]

How to Rock out in Your Jamaica Villa on an Rainy Day.

Your Jamaica Villa on an Rainy Day.

Jamaica’s Sun, Sea and Sand are some of the main reasons why so many flock to this beautiful Island . Luckily, the weather in Jamaica is always vacation friendly and you will hardly experience unpleasant weather.  You can rest assured that your vacation will be filled with mostly sunny weather.

However, Jamaica still experiences its fair share of rain. But who can complain? It has led to our green and beautiful surroundings.

If it does rain, while on your vacation in Jamaica, “No Problem Mon,” the average length of rainfall is between 10 and 30 minutes. The rain is then followed by bright sunshine suitable for outdoor activities almost immediately.

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Why Are Airline Tickets So Expensive?

Those who love the travel know that there are excellent deals to be had on accommodations, tours, even food. With the boom in vacation rentals and rental villas (which cost a lot less when split among several people) you don’t have to sacrifice quality or stay in a sketchy hostel to be able to afford […]

Spend an Astoninging Christmas in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Spending Christmas in a villa in Ocho Rios, Jamaica Picture spending Christmas on the beach in Ocho Rios, lodging in a luxurious private villa, and exploring the local colorful area. Every culture has their own way of celebrating the holiday season. Despite the lack of snow, Jamaica’s Christmas is certainly not any less festive.

An Ocho Rios Vacation has Unique Activities for Every Person

A Jamaican vacation can mean a variety of things to different people. For some, it may be laying on the beach every day in the Caribbean sun and enjoying the luxuries of a private Jamaican villa. For others it might mean exploring the historical spots and taking a lot of pictures. There is something for everyone in your group to enjoy. Your Ocho Rios vacation can include a variety of activities that are perfect for everyone. Here are a few of our suggestions:

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Ocho Rios vacation for families who want to experience culture and relaxation.

Family Vacations in Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios has miles of coastline and filled with more attractions than most cities in Jamaica. It is the perfect destination for adventure-seeking families who want to experience some culture alongside their relaxation. Here is a short guide to some must-see places found on Jamaica’s favorite coastal city:

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How to Book an Enriching Family Vacation

A family vacation provides not only the opportunity for bonding but also for exposure to new and unique cultures.

Make a group decision:

If you’re a fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you may have seen their vacation decision-making process a few times. Everyone writes down where the want to go, puts the paper into a hat, and then a location is picked out. Family planning vacation processWhile you don’t have to be that random about your decision, including the group is a fantastic idea. Consider enlisting your spouse or older children to do some preliminary research on possible places to go—somewhere you’ve never been before, with a lot of interesting history, and with a lot of activities for the whole family to do. If you’re planning a trip with extended family definitely include them as well.




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6 Ways to act like a local in Jamaica

6 Ways to act like a local in Jamaica. If you are looking for a truly memorable family vacation with plenty of sun, sea, and sightseeing, then look no further than the stunning island nation of Jamaica. This tropical Caribbean paradise has African, Asian, European and Middle Eastern influences making up its vibrant culture.

Jamaica has something for everyone; cities such as Kingston and Montego Bay and towns like Ocho Rios and Negril, offer everything from museums, galleries, clubs, theaters, and restaurants to dozens of pristine beaches and a dazzling coral reef rich marine park.

But if you truly want to absorb the essence of this beautiful island and its enchanting melting pot of a culture, then experience Jamaica like the average Jamaican. Visiting Jamaica in a non-touristy way can make for a great family vacation, fun for adults and an enjoyable learning experience for children.

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Jamaica Villa Family Friendly Vacation

Jamaica Family Vacations

Nobody looks forward to the cold and snowy atmosphere associated with winter. As wintertime quickly sets in, many families begin to make travel plans and seek gateways in the Caribbean Islands to enjoy the sun and warmth found here throughout the entire year. Since a long time ago, Jamaica has continuously attracted thousands of tourists from various parts of the world coming to this unique country with picturesque landscapes and beautiful people. A lot of visitors love Jamaica family vacation because it offers both lush mountain sides as well as the Caribbean Sea. The black sand Treasure Beach to Ocho Rios white sand beaches are some of the exclusive and fine attractions that await visitors on a Jamaica family vacation.

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Top 5 Reasons Jamaica is a Great Destination for a Family Vacation

Jamaica family vacation,Your  family vacation in Jamaica

Jamaica is certainly a destination many consider when they are planning a romantic getaway, but often overlook it when traveling with a family. However, the great vacation rentals available, as well as the many fantastic activities that families can do, creating memories that will last a lifetime, make a family vacation in Jamaica a wonderful option.

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5 Off the Beaten Path Adventures for Your Ocho Rios Vacation

Incredible Off The Beaten Path Adventures On Your Ocho Rios Vacation Many people who visit Jamaica choose to stay at all-inclusive resorts and never leave the property, and while this might make for a simple vacation, it does mean that there are many hidden spots on the island waiting to be discovered by adventurous vacationers. […]

Your Guide to Weather in Jamaica

What’s the Weather Like In Jamaica? What’s Jamaica’s weather like? In a word, spectacular! Jamaica is a true island paradise, with sun and warmth across all seasons. These climatological perks make it a prime destination for escaping the clutches of winter in places less lucky than us. Still, you might be surprised to know the […]

Family Vacations in Jamaica

 Looking beyond the nightlife to wholesome family fun

No other tropical paradise on earth offers as many exciting family vacation memories as Jamaica. From the island attitude of brotherly love, family’s can experience a wide range of unique and exotic pleasures while spending quality time in the company of loved ones. From the venerated beaches that surround the jungle lined shore, to the plethora of floral garden adventures awaiting within the interior, Jamaica offers something for every adventurous soul looking to reconnect with family.

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Affordable Jamaica Family Vacation Ideas

Affordable Family Vacation Ideas

A family vacation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica doesn’t have to break the bank. With some smart pre-planning, you can have an amazing trip that the whole family will remember for years to come.

Get more perks, such as privacy, space, amenities, and home comforts by renting a vacation villa, but spending less on your trip.

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Vacation with small children

Tips For Traveling With Small Children

Traveling with small children is always going to be a challenge, but there are some simple tips that can make the whole experience of your Jamaica family vacation go more smoothly. To accomplish this, you will need to practice some exact planning, be prepared for change, and expect some down time. Read more

Best Ocho Rios Family Excursions

Best Ocho Rios Family Excursions

Ocho Rios, Jamaica isn’t just for the party or cruise crowd. The town is incredibly versatile and one of the best locations in Jamaica for family vacations. In addition to great beaches Ocho Rios has tons of activities suitable for families, so many in fact that it would be hard to do them all in one visit. You can enjoy the various activities individually, or purchase a package that includes more than one.


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When it comes to visiting the most popular and beautiful destinations in the world, people have many choices regarding accommodation and lodging, from world famous chain resorts and hotels to hostels, guesthouses and private villas. Although each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, family holidays are best lived when you choose a private accommodation for a number of reasons. Heading towards one of the most fascinating travel experience in a place like Ocho Rios in Jamaica, families will have countless reasons to be mesmerized by both the idyllic charm of this place, but also by the variety of wonderful things to try out, from thrilling water sports to hiking adventures and from golfing to shopping. But to truly enjoy the atmosphere and immerse into the character of the place, the right accommodation must be chosen.

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