Which Festivals Are Celebrated In Jamaica During Winter?

Carnival, Bachanal, Rebel Salute, Jazz Festival & Bob Marley Birthday Bash, are some of the Jamaica’s most popular festivals. We’re the island of One Love.

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Winter May Be Coming, But Not to Jamaica!

Jamaica in winter is better than snowIf we’re being totally and completely honest, any time is a great time to visit Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The island offers a lot to see, do and experience, no matter the travel season.

But for you soon-to-be-snowbound vacationers, winter is the best season.

So this year, swap your snow boots for flip-flops, your rock salt for margarita salt, your snow shovels for sand shovels.

This year, head to Ocho Rios, the perfect escape from the frigid weather soon on its way. The ideal choice for your winter vacation, or tropical holidays, or the kids’ spring break.

This year, take a break from bleak northern landscapes, in Jamaica’s perpetual sunshine. Because a little bit of summer is what every winter needs.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t say no to Jamaica in winter:

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Your Halloween Treats have arrived.