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This beautiful piece of paradise, call Jamaica as retains its strong African identity, more so than any other Caribbean Island. From amazing food, colorful African vibe, unique language and the birthplace of reggae.

Before you begin your search to rent a villa in Jamaica, learn about what is it like to stay in a fully staffed Jamaican villa.

If you’re really serious about pleasing the traveler in you, don’t bother shopping for travel-related gift items. Instead, pack your bags and book the next flight to Jamaica.

Do you want to be treated like a true VIP? Look no further than Club Mobay. Enjoy great Jamaican hospitality with Club Mobay minutes upon arrival at the airport or after your check-in before departure. There is no better way to start your adventure around Jamaica than with a tailor made expedited service.

Everything you need to know about skipping those long lines in custom when traveling to Jamaica.  Thanks to technology and innovative services, we can now breeze through these lines as quickly as the flight crew. 

Long TSA Lines  has for many years,  been a major problem at the airport. And for many people, they have missed their flight due to long security lines at the airport. Most airlines mandate air travelers to arrive at the airport at least two hours (for domestic flight) and three hours (for international flights) before departure time so you can get past security easily.

Jamaica was named the # 2 happiest place in the world and #1 for destination vacation in the Caribbean.

Not only for the  of its abundance of beauty and tropical weather,splendid beaches, and the culturally diversity rich with history.

 Look who is Showcased in Beach Bliss Living Magazine! Planning a vacation can sometimes be a daunting task when you lack the right tools- particularly when a family trip is organized by only one person. However, vacation planning need not be stressful and the benefits of a well-planned and organized trip can be an enjoyable […]

Renting a villa in Jamaica for your vacation provides an authentic and personalized vacation experience  which you could not get at an hotels or a resorts.

Image your own personal staff; not fighting for the attention of the hotel servers or poolside cocktail waiters.

Those who love the travel know that there are excellent deals to be had on accommodations, tours, even food. With the boom in vacation rentals and rental villas (which cost a lot less when split among several people) you don’t have to sacrifice quality or stay in a sketchy hostel to be able to afford […]

Located south of Cuba in the western half of the Caribbean, Jamaica is the 3rd largest and the most amazing island of the Caribbean. Regarded as the birthplace of Rastafarianism, Jamaica attracts a large number of tourists annually. With its rich historical past and unique culture, Jamaica is considered a fun filled beach holiday spot.

The island is for the most part mountainous. Despites its relatively small size, Jamaica is a place to enjoy several outdoor activities including scuba diving, jet skiing, mountain biking, horseback rides, crocodile safaris and much more.

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Staff  included in the villa rate? Most private villas in Jamaica are fully staffed, with cook, housekeeper and Gardner / house person.  However, some villa has additional staff such as personal laundress, butler, nanny and manager/concierge.

So, you are about to book your flight for your Vacation to Ocho Rios Jamaica but is wondering which Airport you should fly into.

You are traveling with your children and wants a seamless experience in the airport; we recommend the Donald Sangster International Airport (MBJ) in Montego Bay for the best experience as a tourist to Jamaica.

1,2,3,4  Easy Rental Steps to renting a villa in Jamaica

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