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5 Facts About Jamaica Villas You Must Know BEFORE You Book

5 facts you need to know before you book a villa. It’s likely you know someone who has stayed at an all-inclusive Jamaican resort. Or maybe you’ve stayed at one yourself. After all, it’s still the most popular option for tourists who come to Jamaica. But the truth is, big, all-inclusive resorts are far from […]


Jamaica, the home of Reggae and is the most captivating and liveliest island in the English-speaking Caribbean.

It is one of the most beautiful island on earth and a popular travel destination for tourists, thanks to the country’s wonderful climate, villas and all-inclusive resorts.

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The Unconventional Guide to Airport to Fly into Jamaica

Daily flights arrive from major cities worldwide at our two international airports: the Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay and the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Winter Blues

Visit a Tropical Vacation to Chase Away the Winter Blues

Are you seeking a way to chase away those winter blues? Make your way to a sun-soaked tropical destination, where you can soak in some sun and some vitamin D, while unwinding and relaxing amidst the beautiful white sands beaches, with crystal blue waters lapping at the shore.

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Villa Vacation Grocery shopping Budget

How much will groceries cost?

The estimated cost of grocery will depends on the menus you want and current market prices.

A typical grocery budget is $35-$55 per adult per day and $20-25 per day for children. This may vary up or down depending on market prices, quantity and your menu selections.

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7 Reasons An All-Exclusive Vacation is For You

When considering where to go for a vacation, many places in Jamaica offer both all-inclusive or all-exclusive getaways. If you are tired of the mundane that the all-inclusive resorts offer you, including the same food, crowding at the pools and the activities you want to do being all booked up, here are 7 reasons why you should consider an all-exclusive vacation instead.
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5 Souvenirs You Have to Bring Back from Jamaica

It might not be time to pack your bags for the fabulous Jamaica villa quite yet, but why not start thinking about the fabulous souvenirs you can bring back with you. That way, when you’re packing, you can leave some space for:

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When is The Best Time to Visit Jamaica

The Best Time to Visit Jamaica

Jamaica is stunning year-round, but for families or large groups, visiting during the winter can be the ideal option. Here are a few of our most convincing reasons why:

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Blue Lagoon

Take your family on a  Day Trip to Port Antonio’s Blue Lagoon Less than a two hour car ride from your Ocho Rios villa lies Port Antonio. One of the most verdant seaports on the island, this destination is a well-kept secret from the majority of tourists in Jamaica. Port Antonio is a favorite Jamaican […]

3 Ways to Travel A Little Different in Jamaica

Many tourists arrive in Jamaica with a set itinerary in mind that takes advantage of Jamaica’s “Greatest Hits.” In other words, they come ready to see and experience the activities and adventures that the tourism sites, travel guides, and their friends who have visited recommend.

Even we highly recommend certain very popular Jamaican activities, like Dunn’s River Falls, to name one (by far Jamaica’s most popular activity).

And, of course, popular Jamaican activities are popular for a reason! However, we also recommend getting to know the real Jamaica with a few off-the-beaten path experiences that replace more traditional options with something a bit more fun, funky, and, well, different.

Have a look at these 3 very popular tourist options in Jamaica, and what off-the-beaten-path experiences you can try instead.

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Jamaica Vacation Insider Tips

Jamaica Vacation What You Need to Know: Jamaica Villa  Insider Tips You Need to Enjoy Your  Jamaica Vacation

There are many attractions, beaches in and around Ocho Rios Jamaica that one can enjoy. Jamaica Ocean View Villa have put together an info graphic of the activities our past guest have enjoyed on their vacation to the beautiful and enchanting Island of Jamaica. With this Guide you and your family can experience Jamaica as it should be. Please feel free to download it here:
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Helpful Packing Tips For Your Jamaica Vacation|Jamaica Villa

Jamaica Vacation Packing Tips

Packing for a vacation can always be difficult, especially now that many airlines have very strict luggage allowances. You want to make sure you have enough for your whole trip, but also leave room for any souvenirs you buy during your trip.

One great thing about a Jamaica villa rental is that you’ll be able to do laundry, so you won’t need to pack as many clothes. When packing for your trip to Jamaica, you need to consider the local weather and what activities you plan to do.

Packing for beach Vacation

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