Give the Best Gift: A Family Vacation (to Jamaica)

18 summers, 1 in Jamaica

You get just 18 summers. Spend one in Jamaica.

Eighteen summers. Eighteen.

That’s all we get – just eighteen summers with our children, as children. With our grandchildren, before they grow up. Eighteen spring breaks. Eighteen Christmases/Hanukkahs/Kwanzaas. Eighteen summers. Just eighteen.

We must spend them wisely.

One such way: Family vacations. Yearly reunions. Memory-making multigenerational trips.

This holiday season, gift the most magical, most meaningful, most memorable gift of all: give the gift of a family vacation. Of memories that last a lifetime.

Experiences, Not Stuff

The best things in life are the people we love, the places we've been and the memories we've made along the way-min

Study after study has shown – we should spend our money on experiences, not things.

Experiences, like a family vacation with our adult children and grandchildren. It’s about living in anticipation – in waiting for your upcoming time together, of seeking joy as a family, of making memories and etching stories into our family’s history.

(Bonus: The grandchildren won’t ever grow bored of, or lose, or have to find space for your experiences. Vacation memories last a lifetime.)

Give the Gift of a Family Vacation to Jamaica

Jamaica is an extremely popular choice for multigenerational vacations [Cavel, link to the previous blog post here].

Why? In a nutshell, because Jamaica is an island that thrills everyone, from the tiniest grandchildren up through the wisest grandparents. Here, the view is always Caribbean. The weather is always warm. The beach is always close. And the sun is almost always shining.

It’s the perfect place to spend one of your eighteen summers. Or, your eighteen spring breaks. Or your eighteen anythings. Jamaica is just the perfect place.

And ocean-view Villa Serenity is the perfect choice in this perfect place. With five bedrooms, an ocean-view pool, proximity to the beach, and a private staff of five (including a private chef and chauffeur), this is THE place to making lasting memories with your family.

So this year, as you’re discussing holiday gift ideas for the grandkids, forgo the traditional in favor of the long-lasting: suggest a family vacation to Jamaica.

Then, watch your family’s faces light up.

Good job, grandparent!


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