When it comes to visiting the most popular and beautiful destinations in the world, people have many choices regarding accommodation and lodging, from world famous chain resorts and hotels to hostels, guesthouses and private villas. Although each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, family holidays are best lived when you choose a private accommodation for a number of reasons. Heading towards one of the most fascinating travel experience in a place like Ocho Rios in Jamaica, families will have countless reasons to be mesmerized by both the idyllic charm of this place, but also by the variety of wonderful things to try out, from thrilling water sports to hiking adventures and from golfing to shopping. But to truly enjoy the atmosphere and immerse into the character of the place, the right accommodation must be chosen.

There are many types and forms of accommodation in Ocho Rios and other destinations for that matter. Most visitors have the big question of what is the right accommodation for their family and how choosing it might affect their experience. First of all, the major advantage in choosing a privately owned villa rather than a resort is the feeling of privacy. Staying in a huge hotel with thousands of other guests is far from what most imagine as a peaceful and relaxing holiday. You will have endure the crowded public spaces, the noisy rooms and the lack of any intimacy while staying in a resort, while private villas gives you exactly that feeling of privacy and peace you were looking for before venturing in a beautiful destination like Ocho Rios. Not to mention that villas are usually located inside amazing gardens that guests can have to themselves.

The next big advantage of choosing a private villa for your family over a hotel resort is the price, which is usually lower than most hotels at exactly the same conditions and comfort. Given the fact that the owner is also the one renting the villa, the price will usually be cheaper and you could save a lot during a family holiday. While you could get confined to a small room in a hotel, villas usually offer several rooms and open spaces, making the experience so much better. There are probably people who like to have everything done for themselves while they just spend time in their rooms, a private villa will determine a more immerse experience, making visitors more open to discovering the authentic character of a place like Ocho Rios.

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