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Jamaica’s Covid-19 Entry Requirements & Jamaica Cares Program

Jamaica is famous for its serene villas in Ocho Rios and all-inclusive resorts, white sand beaches, and laid back culture. Millions of tourists around the world flock to the island every winter to escape the world of cold and enjoy the tropical warm weather.

Although the pandemic affected Jamaica’s tourism industry badly, it has begun its recovery by reopening for international tourists.

Jamaica emerged as a world leader at effectively reopening its nation for tourism, but its government is taking one step further with the implementation of their new ‘Jamaica Care Program’ which is mandatory travel insurance for all travelers and visitors coming into the country.

As people are skeptical about whether to travel this winter or not, the Jamaican tourism board genuinely is hoping so for travelers to visit Jamaica this winter.

They are working tirelessly to lift the tourist industry up-to-the pre-pandemic levels. And Jamaican has been proven to be one of the most successful tourism reopening by hosting more than 150,000 visitors since June, incident-free.

They really want to build up the trust factor by hosting more travelers/visitors this winter. 

Jamaica Care Program:

Visitors to Jamaica have to adjust their traveling budget to include a new fee for the compulsory care program, expected to be around $40 per person. This program was launched in mid-November and will require all the travelers, no matter if they already have travel insurance, to purchase a package.

Which will give them a bundle of coverages and additional care benefits.

Here are all the latest post lockdown developments and entry requirements, every traveler needs to know before booking their trip to Jamaica.

COVID Entry & Travel Requirements: 

Travelers from all over the world must get travel authorization that is mandatory to check-in for your flight to Jamaica.

Travelers coming from high-risk countries (United States, Dominic Republic, Brazil, Mexica, and Panama) are required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate. This certificate should be issued within 10 days of arriving in Jamaica.

All the passengers on board could be tested for COVID-19 at the airport if they show any symptoms or considered high risk to the authorities. After the test, travelers must quarantine for 48 hours at their accommodation while awaiting the coronavirus test result.

All the travelers who are not staying in the tourism corridor will be quarantined for 14 days, and they will be monitored as well. They’ll not have to self-quarantine after that.

Other than that, all the travelers and visitors have to follow the regular visa requirements. Check with your embassy or government officials if you need a visa to travel to Jamaica or not. 

All visitors/travelers must follow COVID-19 health guidelines while arriving and staying in Jamaica:

  • Wearing a mask when instructed
  • Follow social distancing instructions and markers

The Jamaican government has not allowed any entry for the COVID vaccine, and this medicine is not yet available to the public.


For now, the Jamaican government is limiting visitors to a ‘Resilient Corridor’ along the North Coast (Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Portland, and the second resilient corridor is along the South Coast from Milk River to Negril.

Also, the Kingston Business District is open to business visitors under restrictions. Jamaica Tourism is prohibiting going outside of approved hotels, resorts, or resilient licensed attractions.

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