When considering where to go for a vacation, many places in Jamaica offer both all-inclusive or all-exclusive getaways. If you are tired of the mundane that the all-inclusive resorts offer you, including the same food, crowding at the pools and the activities you want to do being all booked up, here are 7 reasons why you should consider an all-exclusive vacation instead.

Different Meals – None of that same, day in, day out buffet. Chefs will prepare authentic dishes that you want and it will be different every day. They will also serve you fruity island cocktails just the way you like it as you enjoy the beautiful view.

You Don’t Have to Dress Up
– You really don’t! Not unless you want to, of course. Most all-inclusive resorts have restaurants that adhere to a specific dress code, but if you want to eat dinner in your bathing suit, then an all-exclusive vacation will allow you to do just that.

Privacy – You’ve got the pool to yourself (and who you are travelling with, of course) where you can sit and read a book without someone else’s children ruining your serenity.

No Fighting For Staff Attention
– The staff at your all-exclusive vacation are dedicated to you, not to you and 300 other people looking for attention too. It’s luxurious to know that someone will genuinely listen to what you want and design meals and drinks around your tastes.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture
– Discover local restaurants and shopping, something you can’t do without traversing the distance from most all-inclusives to the closest town. Learn more about the local culture by stepping into it.

Have More Than One Room – Instead of one suite, how does a multi-bedroom, multi-bathroom villa sound? Don’t get bored with the sterile hotel decor, try a well appointed and beautiful villa instead. You’ll have all the comforts of home that you won’t find in one of those all-inclusive resorts, like a kitchen, for example.

You Can Have Your Own Lounge Chair
– Seriously, how many times have you been on vacation and couldn’t find a chair for the life of you? At an all-exclusive vacation, you can have your pick of lounge chairs. You’ll have lots of room at the pool because its your private pool and you don’t have to share with anyone else.

Does this all sound good to you? Then you might want to look into an all-exclusive vacation next time you are looking to escape to some sun and sand.