Jamaica Villa Rentals

– For the real Jamaican Experience

In today’s tourism industry, unique experiences are among the top reasons why people travel.

Visitors want to experience the uniqueness and peculiarities of different cultures and share their culture with others, fostering a feeling of oneness and appreciation, which in turn makes the world seem smaller.

The Island of Jamaica has a very dynamic culture- including its music, food and the naturally friendly nature of Jamaicans.

Also, the Island offers some of the best white sand beaches found anywhere and some truly alluring natural attractions that make a Jamaican vacation an experience of a lifetime!

Climbing Dunn's River Fall in Ocho Rios Jamaica

The Island provides several accommodation options, especially in the resort towns of Negril, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios.

For the real Jamaican experience, we recommend that you opt to stay in one of the luxurious villas on the Island and we will highlight some of the benefits to be derived from staying at Villa Serenity in Ocho Rios and Jamaican villas in general.

One of the benefits of staying at a Villa in Jamaica is the personalized service that you will be afforded.

Most Villas on the Island have less than ten rooms which allow guests to interact with staff on a personal level.

This results in a more authentic experience than in a larger hotel where the team is stretched among numerous guests. For example, Villa Serenity has five rooms and can accommodate a maximum of sixteen guests, there is a staff complement of five, including a Chef, a House Keeper, a groundsman, and a butler.

Jamaica Ocho Rios Villa

The personalized service at Villa Serenity also extends to transportation from the airport – the complimentary chauffeur package includes a luxurious 12-seater van for 10 hours daily, for a seven-day vacation.

This shuttle includes return airport service and availability to take you on excursions of your choice during your vacation. These tours must, however, be within ten (10) hours daily.

Another element of the personalized service that you will love while staying at Villa Serenity is the fact that your private Chef will sit with you and plan your meals.

This allows you to eat what you want when you want to at the Villa! You can choose from International gourmet dishes to local delights, whatever you desire will be provided!

Jamaica villas with private chef

If you wish to dine out for some of the days of your vacation, no problem, the top-notch staff at Villa Serenity will recommend some of the best local restaurants and make reservations for you!

This level of personalized service and pampering is second to none and is one of the reasons why you should choose a Villa as your choice for accommodation when next you are coming to Jamaica!

Another benefit of a Villa Vacation on the beautiful Island of Jamaica is the flexibility that you will have to explore the Island with no limitations which are not the case at large all-inclusive hotels.

You can choose to visit your favorite attraction in Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Portland, or any other location on the Island on any day of your vacation.

Transportation is also provided or sourced by some Villas, and Villa Serenity is one of such. With their complimentary Chauffeur package, a shuttle that can accommodate up to twelve guests will be available to take you on the excursion of your dreams wherever you want to go on the Island, and you will have to fit yourself into any schedule!

You will, therefore, have no reason not to visit the alluring Dunn’s River Falls or the fascinating Bob Marley Museum among the many other exciting attractions in the country!

Some Villas have forged partnerships with local attractions, which results in discounted rates for guests who visit these sites.

Villa Serenity has partnered with the famous Dunn’s River Falls and their new Dunn’s River Falls Flyer Tour.

This Tour allows guests to “fly” over Dunn’s River Falls on a series of zip lines and suspended bridges that give a bird eyes view of the famous attraction and provides a thrilling and unique experience for guests.

If you are staying at Villa Serenity, a 10% discount will be afforded to you for this adventure! Villa Serenity also has a partnership with the Bamboo Blue Beach Club and Bamboo Beach Clubs, which are private beach clubs in Ocho Rios.

This partnership provides complimentary passes for the guest of Villa Serenity to visit these Beach Clubs on selected days of their vacations.

These partnerships add value to your Villa Vacation and is another reason why booking a Villa in Jamaica is the way to go!

Finally, staying in a Villa in Jamaica provides you with a home away from home vibe, due to the warm and welcoming nature of Jamaicans.

You will feel like you are a part of an extended family who has your best interest at heart! At Villa Serenity, the five-fulltime staff will share their experiences with you, listen to your stories, and might even invite you to their local homes and communities!

This close-knit environment provides the perfect platform for an engaging, relaxing, and meaningful Jamaican vacation experience that is only available to you in a Villa setting.

So, for a real Jamaican experience, where you will learn about Jamaican culture, eat the best of local food, visit the best attractions at discounted rates and meet some of the most hospitable people in the world, a Villa vacation provides you will all of this and much more!

So, save yourself the disappointment of feeling like just another guest staying at a large hotel and book a Jamaica Villa today, you will be happy you did!

we have luxurious beachside accommodation. Social distancing is easy at our Jamaica villa vacation rental homes with a chef, butler, housekeeper, b, ar lounge, game room, kitchen stocking, sports activities that are conducive to single or small families like kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming is a safer choice than a busy hotel.