Jamaica villas provide an authentic Jamaica family vacation rental experience.

What You Need to Pack for a Great Girls’ Getaway!

At Villa Serenity, the best luxury Vacation Rental in Jamaica, Ocho Rios, we provide the unique personal touches of a bespoke vacation experience. When you arrive at Villa Serenity by private ground transfer, you’ll have your own vacation home, pool, balconies, garden and caring professional staff. 

But for you to have a truly amazing girls’ getaway, it’s up to you to bring these three essential things with you:

Plenty of outfits! An adventurous attitude! Smart phones!

BECAUSE: When you’re spending time with your besties on the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica, you’ll want to

Feel your best by looking at your best. In the Caribbean, we embrace bold colors and statements – wallflowers get left on the wall. We want to see how you express yourself! But if you’re pressed for time, you can always shop for clothes at our wonderful markets and Ocho Rio boutiques.

You can also trade outfits with your girlfriends. How many girlfriends are in your party? Multiplied by how many outfits and separates? Take one outfit and see who wears it best.

Have adventures. Seriously, if you wanted “time to chill and just be by ourselves,” would you have come to beautiful and exciting Jamaica? No, you definitely came to have fun! And the best place to start is the always popular Chukka Catamaran Dunn’s River Falls & Party Cruise.

A 65-foot catamaran will take you from the Chukka Cove Llandovery site to sail along with the cost to the world-famous Dunn’s River Falls; there’s also a snorkeling stop. After you’ve climbed – or just admired – the 600-foot falls, return to the boat, where the “Sail Away Rum Punch Party” will hold sway until you dock in Ocho Rios for lunch at an authentic Jamaican lunch at Margaritaville (included). A Catamaran Party Trip costs US129 per person, but as guests of Villa Serenity, you receive a 10% discount.

Villas In Jamaica Girls Get Away

When you get back to Villa Serenity, you may feel hot, tired, and sandy. We can be ready with a “Spa Day at the Villa.” We’ll bring in massage and wellness experts to knead you into a state of bliss, and beauticians to create unbreakable nail fashion, trim hair, and apply makeup expertly.

The chef will provide a delicious spa sampler, with local fruit, vegetables, al-frescas, and more. After we’re finished with you, you’ll want to go out and paint the town red.

You’ll have plenty of company! Ocho Rios is a party town, with plenty of nightlife. A Saturday night pub crawl is a great idea for bachelorettes, Here are four places to sample:

  • Dreamz Premium Lounge is a dance club, known for having a hip, stylish atmosphere that’s party-friendly, with bartenders creating awesome cocktails. 
  • Mongoose Jamaica Restaurant and Lounge is an all-day restaurant serving Jamaican cuisine (ackee, jerk chicken); it becomes more pub-like as the night goes on. On Saturday, a live band can turn the venue into a party scene.
  • Part of the Jimmy Buffett franchise, the aforementioned Margaritaville Ocho Rios is a crowd-pleaser. Stay on dry land, or jump in the pool and swim up to the bar for colorful and potent cocktails. (Tip: Visit Margaritaville before midnight on Saturday and enjoy an admission-free Ladies’ Night.)
  • Finish the night at John Crow’s Tavern, where everybody comes to for late-night partying. Service might get slow – as the place will be packed – but it’s great to check out the vibe.

Understandably, all that activity – sailing, snorkeling, climbing, and partying – might make you want to take it easy the next day. That’s okay – it’s time to enjoy the Villa Serenity:

Have Chef make you a delicious reviving breakfast, while you drink Blue Mountain coffee on the balconies or in the garden. Tell stories and relive your adventures. This is easy, because like you do with everything, you took pictures. Right?

Instagram it! I hope you all remembered your smartphones – if you didn’t, you are definitely not in control of the narrative! Laugh and share memories; that’s what a girls’ getaway is all about. And while you’re at it, please feel free to tag us (#jamaicavillaserenity) to show off our beautiful slice of Island heaven. 

If we’ve planted a few ideas in your head, then call us today at (401) 284-9091 or BOOK HERE RIGHT NOW. Let Villa Serenity show you the best Jamaican vacation girl’s getaway of your life!