Lovers Leap Jamaica – Cliff Dive for extreme Adventurers

The Island of Jamaica offers a lot more than sun, sea, and sand to the discerning traveler. If you are willing to explore the Island a little bit, you will encounter some unique attractions that will add a level of thrill to your Jamaican experience that few people knew existed.

One such off the beaten path experience is Lovers Leap, which is a 1700 feet clifftop attraction in the southern parish of St. Elizabeth that is a designated National Heritage site in Jamaica.

We will highlight the history of this unique attraction, outline the adventures available to visitors here and also recommend the best places to stay in the vicinity of Lovers Leap.

Lovers Leap has an interesting and romantic history; it is said that during the days of slavery in Jamaica, two young slaves who lived on a plantation adjacent to the cliff and were deeply in love plunged arm in arm to their deaths over the 1700 feet cliff to avoid been separated by their owner.

This is a riveting romantic story that has defined the history of Lovers Leap, making it a more alluring place to visit for people who want to learn more about this interesting Love story and also see first-hand the spot from which the couple jumped.

In addition to the mystique provided by this love story, Lovers Leap also offers stunning views of the ocean and the jagged south coast of Jamaica that will leave you in awe of the Island.

Lovers Leap offers a variety of unique attractions to visitors; there is a three-hour trail from the clifftop that leads to the ocean 1700 feet below, the area also has a lighthouse that is extremely popular among visitors and a restaurant that provides an unmatched clifftop dining experience.

Lovers'_Leap Jamaica

For visitors, seeking adventures, a trek down the rugged trail is undoubtedly something that is recommended. This challenging hiking experience will provide you with all the thrills you desire and will allow for excellent photo opportunities to capture this once in a lifetime experience!

The Lovers Leap Lighthouse is another landmark in the area; this lighthouse is the most recently constructed on the Island and stand at 100 feet tall, the tower is unique in that it is powered by three sources; electricity, a generator and a set of batteries.

It is also the highest Lighthouse in the Western Hemisphere due to its breathtaking clifftop location 1700 feet above sea level! When you visit the Lovers Leap attraction, a visit to the lighthouse should not be missed.

Your visit to this awe-inspiring attraction is made complete by clifftop dining at the Lovers Leap Restaurant.

This restaurant is inspired by the legend of the Lovers Leap story and infuses heart-shaped motifs and meals might be arranged in the form of a heart in keeping with the theme. The environment is extremely romantic and perfect for people who are in love. The food is also top-notch local cuisine!

If you are planning a day trip from your villa in Ocho Rios, this is a perfect adventure and there is no doubt that you’ll thoroughly enjoy the Lovers Leap experience.

So, if you want to experience alluring off the beaten track attractions away from crowded tourist centers, a visit to the historic and scenic Lovers Leap attraction on the south coast of Jamaica is highly recommended. You will be inspired by this once in a lifetime experience!