Ocho Rios Ocean view villa for a perfect seaside vacation

Ocho Rios Ocean view villa for a perfect seaside vacation


Are you planning to spend your next vacation in Jamaica, one of the most exotic islands on earth? Although holidaying in Jamaica by itself means spending lots of time on the beach and frolicking in the waves of the Caribbean Sea, if you want to experience the real essence of a memorable Caribbean holiday, you would like to come to Ocho Rios, and if you come to Ocho Rios, there would be no better place to stay but at our fully equipped and sprawling villa with a grand view of the ocean.


Ours is a family-friendly villa with a typical Jamaican surrounding. It has open, airy and sunny rooms, a swimming pool to splash around or to just simply relax, a bar that is open all the time, the grand sea on one side, open grounds on another and the ancient mountains to the north-east. If you want to have a relaxed and rejuvenating Jamaican holiday, then our villa caters to all your requirements and expectations.


Ocho Rios is far away from the usual city hubbub: once you have reached the place and settled down, there is nothing but the sound of the waves and the rustling of the wind amidst lush flora. Historically Ocho Rios was a fishing village and the legend says that when Christopher Columbus set his foot on the Jamaican land for the first time, it was in Ocho Rios.


With the beautiful North Coast Highway from the international airport reaching Ocho Rios in itself is a mesmeric experience. The journey takes a little less than two hours but you won’t even realize how all that time goes by while the surrounding beauty seeps in and you are transported into the Caribbean nature.


It’s a popular vacation destination, so every modern facility is available within 5 minutes. After having spent rolling in the comfort of the villa if you want to move around there are the hippest restaurants, clubs and recreational centers. You can have a journey down the mediaeval age and colonial buildings by scheduling a visit to the nearby Columbus Park.


But most tourists want to make the most of the sea. Although you can simply laze around on the beach, if you want to have a touch of adventure you can spend some time at the Dolphin Cove where you can swim with the dolphins, hobnob with the sharks (it’s not a dangerous sport), and behold the stingrays. Apart from these there are plenty of exotic birds, snakes and iguanas your family will love to see during the Jungle Trail. If you don’t like the thought of swimming, there are glass bottom kayak rides that can be arranged quickly.


Spending your Jamaican vacation at our Ocho Rios ocean view villa is a total experience that can be defined and modeled according to yours and your family’s preferences. Please explore further sections of our website to know more.


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