These Major Airlines Are Flying to Jamaica this Winter from USA and Canada

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Jamaica is a great destination for travelers hoping to escape the freezing Canadian and North American winter and possibly enjoy their first vacation since the pandemic began.

And nothing is better than enjoying a well-needed vacation at beautiful villas in Ocho Rios Jamaica. Although Jamaica is safe to travel this winter, coronavirus is bringing a whole set of new challenges for travelers.

To enter Jamaica during coronavirus, you need to submit a ‘Travel Authorization’ prior to departure. These are some measures, the Jamaican government is taking to ensure you have a smooth and secure trip. 

This does not mean, you should get demotivated. If you’re a citizen of Canada or the USA, hoping for a warm getaway this winter, well grab your bags and book your well-needed vacation because major airlines are flying to Jamaica this winter from the USA and Canada despite the adverse impact of the COVID-19 on the aviation industry.

All of Canada’s and the USA major airlines including ;

Air Canada

Air Transat

American Airlines

United Airlines

Sun Country Airline

South West Airline

Spirit Airline

Delta Air Lines

, JetBlue Airways


Are offering a full winter schedule featuring Jamaican serene destinations despite the disruption caused by COVID-19.

The best part is, Air Canada will provide an additional bonus of the option to fly in one of the airline’s premium Jetz charter aircraft, which are being proposed for commercial travel.

Before these all-business-class Jets were reserved for charter flights for celebrities, professional teams, and corporate clients, but now common passengers will now be able to enjoy the full VIP flying experience and treatment.

Air Canada Jetz has seats with a 42-29 inch seat pitch and offers complimentary iPads for entertainment, priority check-in, a premium bar, premium meal service, airport lounge access, and faster boarding.

So if you are a traveler and planning a visit to Jamaica this winter, Air Canada will be your go-to choice for travel in style. You’ll travel like a pro athlete or a VIP and enjoy all-business-class perks and have a private-jet-like experience.

 Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family reunion, or that well-needed vacation after the lockdown, serene villas in Jamaica should be your go-to place.

While all the major airlines are flying to Jamaica, it is easy for Canadian and US travelers to pack their bags, and gather loved ones, and book flights to sunny and beautiful Jamaica.

As millions of Americans and Canadian want to get away this winter for holidays, airlines are going to great lengths to convince customers and governments that air travel is safe.

Almost all of the airlines have adopted pre-flight COVID-19 testing to screen out potentially infected travelers before they get on board. They have also rolled out studies and are educating travelers on how there is a low risk of catching the virus on a plane.

As winter approaches in Canada and the US, Jamaica is sunny and serene. Jamaican Villas vacation is the best and safe getaway option to consider this winter.


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