How much will groceries cost?

The estimated cost of grocery will depends on the menus you want and current market prices.

A typical grocery budget is $35-$55 per adult per day and $20-25 per day for children. This may vary up or down depending on market prices, quantity and your menu selections.

In the grocery stores you will have a choice of Local or Imported meat. Imported meat are more expensive, also items such as shrimp, lobsters etc will increase your budget.

Even though this amount won’t be exact in every situation, it will help you to calculate an estimative budget.

Prior to your guests can provided meal suggestions for their first night dinner and breakfast.

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After breakfast the villa cook will meet with you to review your tastes and distastes. At that time, you will give her cash for your food and drink plus her $10 taxi fare.

She’ll handle the grocery shopping all while you stay at the villa and relax. Otherwise, if one or more of you wish to go to the supermarket with your cook, she will be happy to accompany you.

Plan to pay for your groceries and gratuities in cash.  Both US Dollars and Dollars are welcomed.

The larger supermarkets are within the town centers and opening time varies. However, there are many small grocery stores close to villas which are open went the larger stores are closed.

If you still have questions, we are here to help. Email or call us at 1-401 626 6942