Budgeting you Ocho Rios Vacation Stay

Skip the overpriced resorts and settle into a home away from home for less

The Jamaica family vacation of a lifetime awaits and your next step is to simply book your excursion. Rates vary among the traditional hotel resorts that advertise all-inclusive packages supposedly designed for your budget, but these resorts are hoping you don’t stumble on the secrets that lay within the exclusive villa properties that dot the island. While a Hilton-style resort may cost you $400 and up per person, you can realize significant savings and an increase in personalized service by investigating the offerings with a villa stay at a location such as Jamaica Ocean View Villas in Ocho Rios.

A Jamaican Week Long Vacation

family activities, swiming with the Dolphins in ohco RiosIt is fairly easy to realize the savings by booking a private and luxurious stay at the villas. With rooms starting at $180 per person, in comparison to the $400 for the resorts, you can quickly see how your dollar will stretch further. A family of four can enjoy the supple relaxation offered by the Ocho Rios Villa Family Suite with ocean views, or upgrade to a 2 bedroom family suite with city and park views for $210. A five day stay in the family suite will run $1050 per person, while the comparable but less inviting all-inclusive resort will be well over $2000 and offer much less.

Finding Value in Your Jamaican Holiday

The villas offer what no other vacation residences can – personalized attention from a dedicated service staff there for only your family. The villas also offer concierge amenities as well as pool-side check in, perhaps the only place in Jamaica that does so. Your stay includes a personalized driver for those excursions beyond the gated community, something an all-inclusive resort cannot offer. Your meals and shopping are completed by a dedicated chef, as are your laundry services and cleaning. These are simply amenities the all-inclusive resorts don’t offer in order to keep their prices from climbing any higher- but at the Ocean View Villas in Ocho Rios it’s already built into your pricing package.

Ocean View Villas in Ocho Rios also offers large party bookings up to 16 people, with the extremely budget friendly solution with a 5 bedroom private villa starting at $79 per person. You can extend your family offerings and not have to worry about who is staying where- everyone will be together to truly share the Jamaican experience of a lifetime.

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