Take your family on a  Day Trip to Port Antonio’s Blue Lagoon

Less than a two hour car ride from your Ocho Rios villa lies Port Antonio. One of the most verdant seaports on the island, this destination is a well-kept secret from the majority of tourists in Jamaica. Port Antonio is a favorite Jamaican vacation spot for celebrities such as Harrison Ford and Bette Davis. It’s known for beautiful coastal views, less developed city, uncrowded beaches, and its world-renowned Blue Lagoon.

Welcome to Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon a day trip from Ocho Rios

Made famous in Brooke Shield’s romance movie The Blue Lagoon, this place is open to the sea and also fed by spring water runoff. Some historically interesting information for visitors: the locals used to believe that the lagoon was bottomless and home to a mystical sea-dragon. Since then, researchers have estimated that it’s depth ranges between 170 to 200 feet. The Blue Lagoon, once known as “The Blue Hole,” is definitely somewhere you will want to visiting during your vacation in Jamaica.

Snorkeling on San San Beach

If you’re looking for a beach in Port Antonio, one of the most exclusive in the area is San San Beach. The cost is $3US, which gives you access to some fantastic amenities.Port Antonio

The San San beach is phenomenal and definitely worth the small entrance fee of about $3US.

This beach is home to some amazing snorkeling spots right off San San. The area reefs are legally enforceable fishing restrictions.

Pellows Island

The Pellows Island also know as Monkey Island is within swimming distance from San San Beach.The Island also has its own small little beach.

Frenchman’s Cove

This beach is equally as beautiful, there is a small entrance fee of about $7US.

Local Beach

For a local vibe, check out Winnifred Beach which doesn’t have an entrance fee and is quite popular to go to on Sundays.

Dining in Port Antonio

Port Antonio is quieter than other tourist areas of Jamaica, however, there are still many restaurants and bars to enjoy.

Boston Bay the birthplace of Jamaican jerk . There are several jerk sellers to choose from, however, Micky’s is one of the largest and most popular.

You can enjoy jerk chicken, jerk pork and jerk sausage along with sweet potato or breadfruit or festival. There are also various stands offering fresh coconut water and fresh fruits. Boston Bay is a must!

Anna Banana Restaurants

This restaurant serves local Caribbean cuisine and guests have access to its own beach!

Woody’s Burgers

This is a popular spot and it boasts the best burgers in Jamaica. Visitors as the option of vegetarian burgers made from plantains. Woody’s also offers 3 course Jamaican Meals. Advance order is required for dining.


A Jamaican Japanese Restaurant located in the Gee Jam Resort and is t open to the public. The

The restaurant is a semi-outdoor, set amid lush forest that gives it a nice ambiance. There is live music by the Jolly Boys every Friday evening.

Ocean View villa offers up to ten hours of transportation included in your rental cost, which is perfect for sightseeing neighboring Port Antionio. And enjoy the white sandy beaches, tours of the stunning Blue Lagoon, and enjoy some authentic Jamaican cuisines. These are only a few of the fantastic reasons why you should make a day trip to Port Antonio during your vacation in Ocho Rios villa.