Jamaica vacation on a budget

If you and your family dream of going on vacation to Jamaica, but don’t think you have the budget, don’t give up on those dreams! While Jamaican vacations can be expensive, they don’t have to be…

you will find there are quite a few ways you can save money on that Jamaica vacation, and make it happen.

From price alerts to staying in a Jamaica villa instead of a hotel room, you will find that these tips just might put that Jamaican vacation within reach sooner than you might imagine.

Price alerts

Through many travel agencies and travel websites, you can set price alerts to let you know when fares are really good. Set a price alert on a couple of these, and watch for the cheap flights to Jamaica.

This is an excellent way to get there without breaking the bank since airfare is typically the most expensive part of a family vacation.

Kayak and other sites will help you find the best possible fares, so do your research well in advance and you should be able to find a great deal!

Book a villa instead of hotel rooms

The next most expensive part of a Jamaican vacation is usually lodging. Rather than staying in an expensive hotel, possibly needing multiple rooms, consider renting a Jamaican villa during your stay in Jamaica.

Villas in Jamaica with Pool

You might even consider sharing a villa with friends, to save even more on the cost of the vacation.

Choose wisely, and you’ll find a villa that even provides a number of activities for you to enjoy while you’re there.

Cut costs by buying groceries

This might sound far-fetched, but you can often save a ton of cash by buying your own groceries instead of eating at restaurants.

If you want to have your cake and eat it too (save money on food while still relaxing), buy your own groceries and have the staff of your Jamaica family villa cook your meals for you.

This can be an excellent way to sample Jamaican cuisine without the added expense of restaurant meals. Most of the nearby grocery stores will also accept AMEX Blue Cash Preferred too so you can earn rewards whilst being on holiday, making grocery shopping even more worth it.

Free and reasonably-priced activities

While there are many high-priced activities to partake in when you vacation in Jamaica, you can also find a number of free and reasonably-priced alternatives.

There’s usually no cost to lounge on the beach, for example, which is an excellent way to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Look around, and you’ll find other activities that are either included with your Jamaica villa rental or are only a modest sum of money. For sightseeing, consider a backpacking trip-usually no cost, and trail maps abound for finding your way around.

These tips will help you save money on your Jamaican vacation, possibly making that dream come true when you thought it would always be out of reach.

Jamaica is a wonderful vacation destination, especially for families, but there has always been the mistaken idea that Caribbean vacations were, by necessity, only for the rich and famous.

Play your cards right, though, and you can find Jamaica very easy to visit even on a shoestring budget.