Jamaica Villa Rental Travel – Trip Pack & Prep Checklist

Beach Vacation Packing

Jamaica is one of the numerous diamonds situated in the Caribbean. From sea blue waters to sandy seashores and shrouded cascades, the excellence of this island is faltering.

In the wake of going through half a month going around the island I immediately took in the important basics each explorer ought to consider. I’ve made top-notch of what to wear in Jamaica, the top things to bring and NOT to bring, seasons for the island, and FAQs to assist you with arranging a fruitful and agreeable excursion.

Prepare to appreciate the “Irie” vibe that is Jamaica!

Gearing up for your vacation is an exciting time, especially as the day you get to the departure gate nears the one week mark. Packing for an extended vacation can be a mixed experience for some -fun with a bit of anxiety over forgetting something essential. But whether you excel at travel packing, or are a first-timer; help is just a click away.

Your packing will be where you are staying

Does the villa rental you are staying at offer complimentary things that you don’t need to drag with you? Try not to pack what the property gives. Villa Serenity gives pool and beach towels, pool toys, swim sets, and numerous different things for the utilization of our visitors. Not all of the vacation rentals in Jamaica provides these items, so make certain to ask ahead of arrival.

Does the villa have hairdryers?  Villa Serenity, provide hairdryers in each of our bathrooms.  No need for everyone to bring your own hairdryers.

Is your vacation a sedentary or active vacation?

If your vacation is a sedentary one, relaxing by the pool, swimming on the beach, there is no need to bring multiple suits as your laundress/housekeeper will do your laundry for you.

What type of excursions or activities do you want to take part in?

Are you are planning to take in the sites, participate in adventures, climbing falls, or hiking.

For those who are going hiking they should consider long pants and sneakers.

Climbing falls, ziplining, bring your swimsuits, water shoes and don’t forget a camera.

Planning on dining out at a fine dining restaurant? Pack a nice summer dress and for men a collared shirt and long pants.

For a great many people, summer dresses, tank tops, T-shirts, polo shirts, unassuming shorts, khakis, or dockers will be okay.

Don’t forget sunscreen, cellphone, passport, pen, charger, medication, and toiletries that you can carry in your luggage.

pdf file  JOVV Pack-n-Prep Cheklist

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Jamaica Villa Serenity in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. 8000 sq.ft, 5 bedrooms, 4 full and 2 half bathrooms.

Located in a 24 hrs seaside gated community

Fully Air Condition and ceiling fans, private balconies, and ocean view

Staff: Personal Chef, Butler, Housekeepers, Laundress, and Grounds Person.

Private Cocktail Lounge, Cabana, Pool, Family Game Room,  Beach, Beach Club Access, and more.

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