Another Big Snowstorm Is Coming For The U.S. Escape To Warmer Climate

Escape Winter to Jamaica

Do you need a vacation to escape the winter? Why not  escape to Jamaica this winter?

Just when you thought you could forget about the devastating effect of Hurricane Irma, the US is bracing up for another storm. Presently, some parts of the US are being hit by one of the biggest snowstorms in history, otherwise known as bomb cyclone.

That’s right. The bomb cyclone, scientists explained, is a result of a collision of cold air and warm air which develop into rotating storm-like pattern.

The winter is hitting the US hard and strong. So if you live in the following cities or surrounding areas, you should expect to get hit the worst, with some regions getting more than six inches of snow.

The affected areas include Huron, South Dakota; Fargo, North Dakota; Spencer, Iowa; Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Omaha, Nebraska; Minneapolis, Rochester, and Duluth, Minnesota.

To this end, people planning to travel this week might want to make other arrangements as the portions of Interstate 70 to the I-90 should be avoided.

These roads are expected to see the most snows. Furthermore, regional airports from Denver to Minneapolis may probably experience flight disruptions during the peak point of the storm. Thousands of homes in the US would experience power outages.

Moist air combined with the freezing blizzard conditions could also increase the risk of slick ice on roads and sidewalks. Schools and offices will be shut and emergency workers will be on standby for rescue service.

So the best advice for people living in these regions and surrounding areas is to take a vacation to a destination with a warmer climate. Pack your travel bags ready and head for a warm climate destination.

Where to go?

Looking for the right place to go? Search no more. Jamaica remains the ideal travel destination for you. In January, Jamaica offers warm, pleasant and balmy temperatures. Enjoy dry days and nights during the winter season.

In fact, this is the best time of the year to visit this magnificent island. Many US citizens love to travel to Jamaica in January just to escape the cold weather.

Jamaica weather in January

Jamaica boasts a tropical climate with pleasant temperature throughout the year. Warm seas, hot days and magnificent sunshine all make the island one of the most alluring destinations for a perfect escape from the extreme winter weather in the US.

Although the island experience slight rainfall, the New Year falls in a dry season. With its tropical location, you will never need a winter jacket ever again.

Amazing, isn’t it? Spend most of your vacation outdoors and with a pretty consistent sunshine all year round you’ll stock up on Vitamin D, which helps prevent depression

Why visit

Jamaica is the perfect Winter destination

Why spend so much on the heating system in your home during the winter months? Get your bathing suit and book the next available flight to Jamaica, a jewel of the Caribbean. With an average temperature of 81 degrees, there is no better way to escape the chilly US winter season.

Enjoy a relaxing holiday in a fully equipped luxury Jamaica villa. Unlimited coconuts and rum await you. Booking a holiday villa in Jamaica is by far the best way to experience all that Jamaica has to offer. Vacation packages with all kinds of interesting activities included give you the freedom to explore the Island’s rich cultural heritage while on a refreshing travel. Whether you’re traveling on a budget or want to experience the luxurious side of Jamaica, you’ll find Jamaica private villa that best suit your needs. More so, these villas are located close to some of the finest beaches on the island.

Find your way to Jamaica and marvel at the beautiful miles of beaches. Home to the loveliest beaches in the Caribbean, Jamaica offers a long stretch of white sands. Top Beaches to visit include popular Seven Miles Beach, Cosmos Beach and Boston Bay Beach. Regardless of where you are on the island, the beaches will leave you in awe.

While your friends are all caught up with the extreme winter weather in the US and probably staying indoors all day long, you’re basking in the sun and enjoying every moment. Indeed, this is the perfect week to escape the cold. In Jamaica, you will be delighted with the new experiences and travel adventures to take in.