Experience Club Mobay, A Luxury lounge With Exclusive VIP Packages

Experience VIP Treatment in Club Mobay Montego Bay

 Experience a whole new level of airport luxury with Club Mobay Montego Bay! Enjoy exclusive VIP check-in, security clearances, and other personalized services to enhance your airport experience.

Learn about the different packages and services offered in Club Mobay Montego bay.

Club Mobay offers a variety of packages and services, including their signature “Your Very Important Person” VIP MBJ airport bundle package, where you’ll get access to exclusive VIP check-in and security clearance.

Other services include personal shopper assistance, luxury lounge access, concierge service, meet & greet service, and more. So no matter your needs for your stay in Montego Bay, Club Mobay will indeed have something to make your visit even more special!

Receive exclusive access to the Executive Lounge at Sangster International Airport.

Booking the VIP package at Club Mobay will give you exclusive access to the Executive Lounge at Sangster International Airport. Enjoy more than just a comfortable seat and complimentary snacks – have drinks served, relax with some light entertainment options, and take advantage of an expanded duty-free shopping area.

With everything that executive lounge access offers, you’re sure to have a great start and end to your stay in Montego Bay!

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Enjoy perks such as baggage assistance and complimentary snacks while waiting in the private lounge.

With your exclusive Club Mobay VIP package, you can take advantage of the Executive Lounge’s personalized service and additional amenities.

Utilize their baggage assistance to ensure a smooth embarkation and disembarkation process, or indulge in complimentary snacks and beverages while waiting for your flight. Not to mention an expanded selection of duty-free shopping items that can be enjoyed.

Enjoy all this and more with Club Mobay!

The Club Mobay VIP can create an enjoyable and stress-free experience at Montego Bay Airport. Passengers also have access to a private lounge that offers a variety of amenities, such as complimentary internet access, printing services, massage chairs, televisions, magazines, and newspapers.

Additionally, the Executive Lounge provides snacks; alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; toilet facilities; plus complimentary phone charging stations to ensure that you arrive at your destination recharged and ready to go.

If you need help with your baggage, Club Mobay VIP services such as porterage and carry-on luggage assistance are available. Club Mobay VIP offers free Wi-Fi access to its members in the lounge so travelers can take care of business or stay connected to friends and family before their flight takes off. Lastly, The Club Mobay VIP is the perfect way to make flying memorable before arriving at your final destination.



Have it both ways! Book both the arrival and departure services together as a “BUNDLE”. Knowing your trip to Jamaica will be completely hassle-free from beginning to end.



Bundle Service:
$83 per adult, $48 per child (2-12 years old), Free for infants (under 2)

VIP Meet & Greet Arrival Service:
$50 per adult, $25 per child (2-12 years old), Free for infants (under 2)

Departure Service:
$33 per adult, $23 per child (2-12 years old), Free for infants (under 2)

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Bundle Service:
$73 per adult, $43 per child (2-12 years old), Free for infants (under 2)

VIP Meet & Greet Arrival Service:
$40 per adult, $20 per child (2-12 years old), Free for infants (under 2)

Departure Service:
$33 per adult, $23 per child (2-12 years old), Free for infants (under 2)

*Rates quoted in USD and subject to change
*Airport transfers not included
*Spa services at an additional cost

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Pick up your luggage quickly after arriving in Montego Bay with a personalized baggage handling service.

The Club Mobay VIP package offers a personalized baggage handling service, simplifying the process and allowing you to pick up your luggage quickly after arriving in Montego Bay.

Enjoy personal assistance from their experienced staff, who will collect and deliver your items with care. This ensures you get to your next destination quickly and safely!

The Club Mobay facilities are also conveniently located just a few steps away from Montego Bay International Airport, so you won’t have to worry about long waits or delays.

Get the Most out of Club Mobay.

Book Club Mobay well in advance! This allows our staff to plan for your arrival and ensure you can take advantage of all our services without any last-minute surprises.

Furthermore, please provide us with flight details well before your scheduled departure to ensure your luggage is collected while you wait in the lounge.

We also recommend double-checking the list of prohibited items with local authorities to ensure the earliest possible delays at customs. With these few tips, you can get the most out of your VIP experience at Club Mobay!

When you’ve booked a Club Mobay package, be sure to prepare for your experience in advance. Arrive at the airport early and bring your ticket so that you can make the most of their exclusive services. The club staff can guide making your check-in and security clearance fast and smooth, so it’s a great idea to take advantage of their advice!

Before you even arrive at Montego Bay Airport, it’s worth preparing your Club Mobay ticket as much as possible. Compare this to a standard key, and ensure your documentation is ready before you reach the check-in desk.

Preparing everything can speed up your journey and ensure you get the most out of your time in Club Mobay. Once through security and passport control, their staff will be on hand to help guide you to the VIP area to spend less time in queues and more time relaxing!

Here at Club Mobay, we understand the importance of time. We aim to provide a luxurious service with little stress and waiting time. As such, we ensure you get the most out of your pre-flight experience.

Our generous lounge provides complimentary snacks and drinks, comfortable seating areas, private bathrooms, and even showers if you wish! To ensure you get all these VIP benefits, staff are on hand to guide you through passport control and security so that everything runs smoothly for your time at Club Mobay.

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