Resorts Adds on Can Be Costly; Jamaica Villas includes everything

All-inclusive resorts aren’t necessarily inclusive of everything. While they do include your accommodation, meals, and some activities, you will often discover that you’ll have to pay for many of the extras on offer. Extras are always included in the price at most Jamaica villas. Here are five things one has to pay for at resorts that you will get free when staying at a villa.


Given how so much of our world is now connected to the internet, you would think that at a resort free WiFi would be a given. Unfortunately, even with all-inclusive packages guests have to pay extra if they want internet in their rooms.

Charges for WiFi vary from resort to resort, but it often doesn’t come cheap with prices as much as $70 for a seven-day stay. Even after paying a fee, you may find that the number of people using the resort’s internet network means that it can be unreliable and slow.

When you stay at a Jamaican villa, your WiFi is free, plus you won’t have to worry about a clogged network because you will be the only people using it.


One of the most important aspects of your vacation is transportation, even if it is just a transfer to and from the airport that you need. While some resorts provide a transportation service to and from the airport, you will often find that the cost of this isn’t included and you’ll have to pay an additional fee.

In some cases no transportation is provided, meaning you’ll have to pay for an expensive taxi journey. Another transportation issue is getting to and from outside activities. If a resort has a shuttle available, it is often limited to very specific times and a limited number of seats.

If you don’t get in line early enough then, you’ll find you don’t get the free shuttle and have to pay for a taxi. Some resorts that have a shuttle will charge you per person for each journey, with no free options and you are still limited to specific times. At your Jamaica villa, you will have a complimentary private driver for up to 10-hours a day that can work to your schedule. There’s no missing a set time or paying an extra fee; your driver is free.

Laundry Service

Resorts don’t have laundry services that guests can use to wash their own clothes. If a resort has a laundry service, you will have to leave your dirty washing with staff who will either clean it, or it will be sent out. These services are never cheap and can quickly add up, especially if you are a family group that quickly piles up dirty clothes.

At a villa, you will have laundry facilities on-site for free. You will have the freedom to wash something whenever you need to and not have to wait up to 72-hours to get it back. Your villa staff may also take care of any laundry for you, returning it to you freshly folded at no extra charge.


While many resort packages include unlimited alcohol in the price, it is almost always limited to certain types, premium brands are not included and will incur a charge every time you purchase one of these drinks.

When you book an all-inclusive package at your villa that includes alcohol, premium brands will be included without any extra fees.

Convenience Fee

This is a fee the often catches resort guests off guard. It is also sometimes called a ‘resort fee.’ This is supposed to pay for the use of the pool area, chairs, umbrellas, newspapers, etc; These fees may also say they are for housekeeping or concierge services.

This can get expensive, adding as much as $50 per night to your total bill and there’s no avoiding it. Your villa in Jamaica will not charge you this fee, nothing is hidden and services provided by the staff, such as cooking, housekeeping, and the concierge.

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