Family Vacation in Jamaica | Luxury Villa in Jamaica

 Looking beyond the nightlife to wholesome family fun

No other tropical paradise on earth offers as many exciting family vacation memories as Jamaica. From the island attitude of brotherly love, family’s can experience a wide range of unique and exotic pleasures while spending quality time in the company of loved ones.

From the venerated beaches that surround the jungle lined shore to the plethora of floral garden adventures awaiting within the interior, Jamaica offers something for every adventurous soul looking to reconnect with family.

Making Accommodations

There are many places worth staying on the island, from large four-star, all-inclusive resorts to cabana-style beach communities dotting the beaches. One marvelous choice is Jamaica Ocean View Villa in Ocho Rios. The villa takes a step beyond the hotel scene by providing luxury, ocean-view villas that accommodate the entire family, with an inclusive and dedicated staff ready to provide your every comfort need.

Luminous Lagoon at Glistening Waters

Located in Falmouth, the Luminous Lagoon is a wonder of nature the entire family will enjoy. A natural show created in the dawn of time, billions of luminescent sea creatures come together to light up the water as you near them.

The lagoon is open for swimming as well as boating tours and is a short trip away from Montego Bay. Plan on spending the day lounging in the majesty of nature, and be sure to enjoy a meal at the Glistening Waters restaurant which specializes in authentic local cuisine.

Zipline Through the Canopy

For those of a more actively adventurous nature, Lethe Estates in Hanover, a gated farming community, offers the Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours. Families explore the canopy of the ancient island forests traveling over 40 miles per hour 1,600 feet above the ground.

Zipline safaris begin with an exciting Pinzgauer ride, and yes, the helmets are provided for the bumpy ride. The zipline tours are unique in the area, as guests are invited to sample the tasty wonders grown in the area, making this a delight for the culinary explorers in your party.

YS Falls

Located outside of Santa Cruz, YS Falls offers breathtaking natural scenery perfect for a lazy afternoon of al fresco picnicking. The gentle descent of the falls is wonderful for relieving the tensions of your day, and family members will enjoy cooling off in the water and deep forest shade.

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