Ideally located on the North Coast of the beautiful island of Jamaica, between the resort centers of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, Green Grotto Caves plays a major role in the island’s fascinating history.

Green grotto cave JamaicaThey welcome hundreds of thousands of local visitors and tourists seeking adventurous activities year after year. The caves are believed to have once served as a dwelling place for the Arawak Indians (Tainos), Jamaica’s first inhabitant. They also served as a shelter for ‘runaway slaves in the early 18th century.

Renowned for being one of the most sought-after natural attractions in the world, Green Grotto Caves are a must-visit for everyone.

The natural attraction’s major highlight is the large limestone cave. Stretching about 1525m long and a depth of 12m, Grotto Caves features lots of magnificent sights such as the Grotto Lake, light holes and an underground lake, and plenty of chambers.

A tour of this impressive attraction will take you into the unique culture and rich historical past of the island. It is a place to find lovely stalactites and stalagmites, a maze of sturdy and other exotic dripstone formations.

While in the company of a guide, your tour of the Green Grotto Caves will be the most memorable ever. The interconnected passageways and chambers which take you to the innermost caverns of the caves will lead you to the grotto.

The grotto is home to the most sparkling waters that are hard to come by anywhere in the world. Come and experience serenity  at its best while at the caves

Jamaica green grotto cave adventure

What to expect

  • The Green Grotto Caves are a place to find ancient artifacts which includes multiple fragments of pottery and adzes dating back to its first inhabitants, the Arawak Indians (Tainos)
  • Marvel at the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites found all over the cave
  • Explore the different chambers, rock formations, and hollows of the caves
  • Learn more about the major role the Green Grotto Caves played in the island’s fascinating history as they once served as a shelter for the Tainos, rum hideaway, and smugglers dens.
  • Marvel at the crystal clear underground lake, which is 36 m deep

Do not forget to stop at the “Wishing Well” where visitors throw a coin and wish for better things in the coming days.

For a chance to grab a slice of Jamaica’s history and explore a green mystical underground cavern full of adventure, a visit to the Green Grotto Caves is a must for you.

It is advisable to bring a camera and extra batteries to preserve some memories of your tour.
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