When You Should Visit Jamaica for Your Special Event

Sitting on your chair admiring the sparkling blue water, you’ll be delighted you picked Jamaica for your beach vacation.

Jamaica villa family vacation

Jamaica draws visitors from all over the world for different reasons. Here at Villa Serenity, we see vacationers from every walk of life and love to celebrate whatever occasion brings you to our shores.

But we understand that planning a trip here can be overwhelming. Whether you’re envisioning a wedding, a secluded couples getaway, a rowdy girl’s trip, or a peaceful family vacation, we’re here to offer some of our advice of when you should come to Jamaica.

Since Jamaica has a beautiful temperate climate year-round, it can be challenging to decide when to have your special Caribbean event. While we are firm believers that anytime is a great time to visit the island, but in this article, we will go over some tips for deciding when to plan your Jamaica wedding, couples retreat, a girlfriend getaway, or family vacation.

Basic Season Overview in Jamaica

While we wrote a whole article about the best time to visit Jamaica that you can read here.

Here’s a basic recap.

Jamaica Temperatures

Although July and August are the hottest months in Jamaica, the average daytime temperature is no higher than 90F.

The coldest months of the year, which are December through February, are 84F.

So, temperature-wise, there is not a significant difference throughout the year.

The Two Jamaica Seasons

  • Dry Season. November to June. Although it is always possible for it to rain, these are the driest times of the year, with February and March having the least rainfall of all.
  • Wet Season. July to October. October is the wettest month. But this doesn’t mean it’s cold. A refreshing tropical mist will drizzle, but you’ll still enjoy plenty of sun as well.

A note on hurricane season: 

During the wet season of Jamaica is the most likely time for hurricanes to occur. Jamaica is hit with one of the lowest numbers of hurricanes of any Caribbean Island. From 1944 to 2010, Jamaica had 14 tropical storms or hurricanes compared to 27 in the Bahamas, 26 in Cuba, 29 in Bermuda, and 20 in Cancun.

While hurricanes are rare and can be predicted in advance, here are some tips if you want to go to Jamaica during the wet/hurricane season.

  • Must tropical storms occur in October. You’re less likely to get hit in June, July, or November in Jamaica (this is not necessarily true for other coastal locations in the Caribbean).
  • Hurricanes can be predicted, so stay in the know.
  • The risk of being directly hit by a hurricane is statistically very low.
  • Book with travel insurance that includes hurricane coverage.
  • While you will have fewer crowds, no one will think you’re crazy about visiting during hurricane time as it still is a popular time to visit!

Tourism Levels

  • Peak Season. Mid-December to April. Go to Jamaica during peak season for the best weather, biggest crowds, and most expensive accommodation.
  • Low Season. July to October. A great time to visit to save some money while soaking up the temperate Jamaica sun without the crowds.
  • Shoulder Season. Mid-April to July and November to mid-December. Go for affordable prices, fewer crowds, and good weather.

September, October, and November have the fewest airport arrivals in Montego Bay Airport and often offer the best deals.

Your Special Reason for Visiting Jamaica

People come to the island for a variety of reasons. Let’s go over the different events you may be here for.


Did you know that Jamaica makes an ideal wedding destination?

That’s right. With our tropical rainforests, meandering rivers, blue lagoons, and lapping waves, it’s challenging to think of a better place to get married. Weddings in Jamaica are legally recognized in the US, and many local venues will make planning your big day a breeze.

Different Wedding Cities

Where are you looking to get married in Jamaica? What adventures or views do you want to have? Every Jamaican city has something unique to offer, and when it comes to wedding venues, it can be difficult to decide. At the end of the day, we recommend choosing the city based on the venue. If you find a venue you love, go for it!

Here is an overview of the leading wedding destinations in Jamaica.

  • Ocho Rios. You’ll have the widest variety of scenery and activities in this former fishing village turned jungle ocean oasis.
  • Montego Bay. The classic Jamaica port city is full of resorts and tourist attractions; it is the most popular tourist city to visit, which has both its benefits and drawbacks.
  • Negril. Negril boasts some of the best beaches in all of Jamaica and is slightly less inundated with tourists.
  • Runaway Bay. A mix between secluded and resort, Runaway Bay is a popular compromise destination.

Accommodation: Rent A Villa in Jamaica

Jamaica villa private patios

Check out our FAQ for the differences between villas, Airbnbs, and resorts in Jamaica!

You guessed it, we are going to plug our villa, but hear us out. It’s your wedding and you’re looking for a secluded location, with world-class amenities, where you and your wedding party can stay. A villa is an ideal accommodation.

You can get married at our beautiful beach-side villa or choose another venue for the actual event. But with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms as well as a bar lounge, family game room, spa, gym, Cabana, private beach, and pool access, your wedding party will be more than pampered during their stay at Villa Serenity.

Whether you get married at the villa or just spend the nights, you will have a personal chauffeur, private chef, and attentive staff to spoil you and your wedding party on your special day.

Since our villa is locally owned and operated, your costs will be cheaper than a typical resort, your wedding will be personally and attentively planned with you, and you’ll be treated like a queen (or king) during your entire stay.

When to Get Married

Although any time of year is a superb time to tie the knot in Jamaica, we recommend looking into the months of December to March. It will be sunny and warm, with just the perfect breeze and the lowest chance of rainfall all year. And, while it is rare, you’ll avoid any unwanted hiccups due to hurricane season.

Couples Retreat

There are few better places to go with your partner than Jamaica. The beautiful scenery and friendly hospitality will give you the reset and break from everyday life that you both crave.

We may be biased, but we believe going to Jamaica any time of the year is a good choice.

As a general rule, we recommend picking a date when both schools and universities are in session, whenever you both have the time to take a vacation. That way, you’ll avoid many families, children, and rowdy parties. You’ll also find activities less crowded and accommodation more affordable.

Generally, November to mid-December provides the perfect mix of excellent weather and fewer crowds.

We recommend picking your time to go based on the type of couples vacation you want to have. If the main goal is to have the best weather even with crowds, go from late December to April. If seclusion and privacy are paramount, go during the off-season or shoulder season.

Girlfriend Getaway

Jamaica Villa Last Minute Deals

You know you want it. You’ve been dreaming of going on a girls’ trip and have settled on a beach vacation. Images of relaxing days at the beach, boisterous nightlife, luscious spa treatments, and gourmet food fill your mind. Maybe it’s for a birthday, a bachelorette party, or just because.

Luckily, Jamaica is an excellent choice for your girlfriend’s getaway. With a variety of activities and accommodations, you’ll have a girl’s trip for the books.

As we mentioned above, there is no right or wrong time to visit Jamaica. The weather here is almost always between 70 to 80F, with highs of 92F in the summer and lows of 70F in the winter.


That’s why for a girl’s getaway, we recommend picking your time to go to Jamaica based on events happening on the island. You can also check out our article here for more Ocho Rios Festivals.

Here are some of the biggest festivities on the island year-round to help you decide.

Jamaica Carnival

Look no further if you want to experience music, food, and dance with a colorful Jamaican flair. Located in the three major cities, you won’t want to miss it if you’re in Jamaica during peak season. Party on the beach or on the street. It’s undoubtedly an exciting time to be in Jamaica. 

Location: Montego Bay, Kingston, Ocho Rios 

Month: January to April

Bob Marley Week

Jamaica is the well-known birthplace of reggae star Bob Marley, and we can’t think of a better way to appreciate the artist’s music than Bob Marley Week in Kingston. Music, karaoke, lectures, and exhibitions are all held in honor of the Jamaican legend.

Location: Kingston

Month: February

Ocho Rios Seafood Festival

On August 1, Ocho Rios hosts its annual Seafood Festival. One of the country’s most renowned food festivals, you’ll enjoy the beautiful array of food choices. You’ll be able to sample some of the best foods you’ve ever eaten. Food tourism is its primary focus, so you’ll have an incredible experience.

Location: Ocho Rios

Month: August

Montego Bay Yacht Club Easter Regatta

This is the place to visit if you’re in the mood to enjoy maritime activities from the esteemed Montego Bay Yacht Club. If you would rather watch than participate, you can choose your favorite spot to witness the spectacular yachts glide across the water over the Easter weekend.

Location: Montego Bay

Month: March/April

The Ocho Rios Jazz Festival

What could be better than an 8-day music festival? This lively celebration of Jazz music has brought people from all over to enjoy the greatest names in Jazz music in Jamaica and worldwide.

Location: Ocho Rios

 Month: June

The Reggae Sumfest

This event is a crazy celebration of Jamaica’s favorite type of music. A 6-day event that includes an all-white blitz party, a sound party, a beach party, and three main concerts will ensure that you and your friends are mesmerized by the amazing Reggae talent.

Location: Montego Bay

Month: July

Port Antonio International Blue Marlin Tournament

Ok, ladies. If your girlfriends love being on the water and fishing, this could be an event for you. This international deep sea fishing contest has been an annual staple for 40 years.

People travel from all over the world to watch or try to catch the biggest Blue Marlin. You’ll love the many parties and celebrations deriving the tournament, even if you aren’t into fish.

Location: Port Antonio

Month: October

National Heroes Day

If you want to delve into Jamaican culture and history, check out the events during National Heroes Day in October. Hosted on the third Monday of October, this public holiday celebrates Jamaica’s seven official national heroes.

Location: Throughout Jamaica

Month: October

Restaurant Week

Enjoy delicious foods from over 100 participating restaurants at a discounted price. The best part? It’s during the low tourism season, so the crowds will be limited, giving you and your girlfriends the best deals!

Location: Throughout Jamaica

Month: November



If you’re a family with children, you likely want to go when the kids have time off school, the crowds aren’t too big, and the prices are affordable. We recommend planning your trip during the off or shoulder season.


Although most people don’t think of going south for the summer, it’s an excellent choice. Jamaica is a balmy temperature year-round – rarely too hot or too cold whenever the season.

Here are some of the main reasons we recommend off-season travel.

  • The off-season is in the summertime in Jamaica, so the kids will have time off from school.
  • Off-season plane tickets are considerably more affordable.
  • You have to plan for the unexpected when you have kids, and sometimes that means waiting till the last minute to schedule activities. Because there will be fewer people in Jamaica, tourist activities will be open, and you’ll be able to squeeze in last minute.
  • Traveling in crowds can be stressful with kids. Fewer tourists mean it’s easy to keep track of your kids.

Shoulder Season

We get it. You want to go to Jamaica when it’s cold at home, so off-season just doesn’t seem attractive. If that’s the case, we suggest going to Jamaica during the shoulder seasons. Shoulder season links off-season to peak-season. In Jamaica, this period is generally from late October to early December and from April to early June.

With a plethora of activities and events (see above), you’ll have plenty of things to do with minimal crowds and good weather.  

What’s holding you back from booking an idyllic Jamaica vacation? Give us a call today to explore your options!