'How to Choose a Caribbean Island for Your Vacation


 It’s the time of year when we start to think of winter and getting away from the cold. Now you and your family have decided to go to the Caribbean. James Bond Beach Jamaica Great Choice!

The Caribbean is a region packed with some great destinations, and there is an island for everyone. However, selecting the perfect island can be an overwhelming task. So I am here to provide some guidance on which Island matches the individual types of travelers as well as what type of vacation you are planning. What Type of Vacationer Are You? We have discovered seven types of vacationer:

  1. Away from it all
  2. Adventure-seeker
  3. Golf seeker
  4. Resort seeker
  5. Luxury Seeker
  6. Food obsessive
  7. Family-vacationer

It is extremely important to know your type of vacationer to ensure the island you choose matches your preference. Now that you have agreed on what travel criteria best suits you and your family, you can start planning and packing your bags for— The Best Vacation Ever In Your Caribbean Sea Heaven! We’ve put together a summary of the best Caribbean islands for a golf vacation, beach vacation, adventure-seeking vacation, family vacation, and away from it all vacation. Getting Away from it all: Nevis If being as far away from bright lights, noise and the city are what you long for, the Nevis is the place for you. The island has only one road and traveling around the island takes around 2 hrs. If you are looking for nightlife, the Nevis is not for you. The Island has an abundance of natural beauty, with its vivid green slopes rising from the Caribbean. This is a magnificent setting, Adventure-seeker: Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is an island that offers a little bit of everything, from outdoor adventures, beaches, golf, surfing, to resorts and casinos. Besides the beaches, you can go horseback riding in the hills, biking in the mountains, hiking along rivers and lakes. The northwestern tip of the island is perfect for so many activities: golfing, surfing, and hopping on a saddle for a horse ride along the trails. The most popular activities of all are gazing at the ocean and napping by the pool. Golf Vacation: Bermuda Traveling to Bermuda during the winter season may not be ideal if you are planning a beach vacation. This time of the year is not ideal for swimming in the ocean. Unlike the tropical Caribbean Sea, you would be swimming in the chilly North Atlantic Ocean. However, if you are planning a golf vacation, winter is the ideal time to visit Bermuda. Resort-seekers: Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic is a vibrant beautiful island rich in history and is the perfect destination for resort-style vacationers. The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo which is known to offer some great historical sites, dining, and nightlife. If you are planning a beach vacation then Punta Can is the place to visit, it offers some of the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful beaches lined with palm trees. Luxury Seekers: Barbados Barbados, in the eastern Caribbean and is famous for cruise-ship docking. They have the oldest synagogues in the Western Hemisphere. Famous for afternoon tea and cricket. Barbados shoreline is excellent for scuba diving and golfing. All type of travelers: Jamaica When Christopher Columbus first set foot on this one of a kind island he said “The fairest land I have ever seen.” Jamaica is known as the land of wood and water. Being as creative as Jamaicans are we didn’t stop there, over the years we have added to our land’s heritage our laid back approach to life, reggae music, flavorfully spicy food, a mean cocktail, and the birthplace of the fastest man in the world. Enough of my gloating! Did Jamaica get your attention? Jamaica’s unique blend of African, European, and Asian influences puts the other islands’ cuisines to shame. The island of Jamaica is very unique in that no matter the type of traveler you are, you will feel quite at home on this island. There is something for everyone no matter your vacation style: Away from it all, Adventure-seeker, Golf seeker, Resort seeker, Luxury Seeker, Foodie, or  Family-vacationer craving an authentic cultural experience. Are you looking for beaches, laid-back, water sport, resorts, authentic experiences, history, music, rich culture, food?

Jamaica has it all

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