How to Experience Jamaica on your next vacation

How to Experience Jamaica

A vacation is much more than just the location that you choose. It’s about the entire experience, from when you walk out of the airport and see a completely unfamiliar landscape to where you lay your head every night. Immersing yourself completely into the experience of any situation is a practice in meditation.

Jamaica Ocean View Villa Private beach cove

To use a well-loved quote from Bob Marley, Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. This most certainly applies to your vacation experience. True luxury is fully relaxing without interference from mundane home-life stress or worries about trip details. When you’re looking to book a vacation, wouldn’t you prefer to indulge a sensory experience completely? Our package vacations encapsulate the perfect plan without intruding on the entire experience or your budget.

The details of planning a trip down to the letter are stressful. You may find yourself flipping through glossy brochures with a frenzy saying, “Since we’re going to be here, we have to do this.” You don’t have to do anything except relax. Let your trip unfold and just enjoy the ride. We’ll handle the driving, from picking you up to airport drop off and everything in between. When it comes to sightseeing, our guides are knowledgeable about all the local attractions—what’s a must-see and what is over-hyped.


Whether you choose do dine in your private villa or eat on the town you can taste all sorts of Jamaican specialties cooked with locally grown produce such as fried plantains, pumpkin soup, and other delicious dishes. Enjoy a guilt-free day spent poolside in the sun sipping traditional pineapple soda, fresh mango juice, or (for the adults) some planter’s punch. One of the benefits to the relaxed nature of Jamaica is a freedom from the “I have to do this” or “we must go there.” The beauty of the island is so inclusive that anywhere you choose to roam you can experience the intangible allure of the tropical culture.


Jamaica villa view















What if you could take such a vacation in an exotic locale without financial burden? We want everyone to be able to visit Ocho Rios: from the thrill seeking adventurers to the mellow folks looking to experience the tropics. Our vacation packages remove all the stressful planning aspects of your trip and bestow upon you the irresistible gift of truly experiencing Jamaica.



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