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Jamaica Ground Transportation: How Much Does It Cost?

The island of Jamaica has been welcoming visitors for over a hundred years. Over this period, the country has developed a top-quality transportation system and world-class dining options that are enjoyed by the millions who grace the island’s shores yearly. In this guide, we’ll explore the best transportation methods for tourists in Jamaica and the top places to dine.

Exploring Transportation Options for Tourists in Jamaica

As a tourist in Jamaica, you have a variety of transportation options available to you. There are companies that provide transportation services to all major towns in Jamaica, and there are also car rental companies available if you want to get around at your own pace. Some of the noted transportation providers include Jamaica Tours Limited, Tour Wise, Karandas Tours, and Kiuki Tours.

These companies offer a wide array of transportation options, including airport transfers and tours of the most popular attractions in Jamaica.

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Notable Transportation Providers

Jamaica Tours Limited: One of the major transportation companies offering airport transfers. They will take you to any hotel or villa in the resort towns and beyond. Reservations are required beforehand.

Tour Wise and Kiuki Tours: While smaller players, they provide a similar level of service to Jamaica Tours Limited and will take you anywhere you want to go in the major tourist areas.

You can choose any of these companies for your transportation arrangements in Jamaica, and you will not be disappointed.

Car Rental Options

Renting a car is another option if you want to explore the island independently. Some popular car rental companies found at both international airports are Island Car Rentals, Budget Rent-a-Car, and Avis Car Rental. However, driving in Jamaica can be challenging if you’re not used to driving on the left side of the road.

Pricing for Jamaica Ground Transportation

When traveling to any of the resort towns, you can choose from various options, including private car transfers, private buses, or regular coach shuttles. Below are the pricing details for different regions:

Ocho Rios:

  • Private bus transfer: $320 for two people round trip, $40 per extra person
  • Private car: $300 for up to 3 people round trip
  • Regular coach shuttle: $45 per adult, $22 per child up to 13 years old round trip

Montego Bay:

  • Private car transfer: $140 for two people round trip
  • Private bus: $260 for up to 7 people round trip
  • Regular coach shuttle: $20 per adult, $10 per child up to 13 years old round trip


  • Private car transfer: $320 for two people round trip
  • Private bus: $450 for up to 7 people round trip
  • Regular coach shuttle: $45 per adult, $22 per child up to 13 years old round trip

If you prefer the convenience of a car, daily rental rates start from about $32, available from either Montego Bay or Kingston Airports.

Chauffeur Service Packages

12-Seater Van:

  • Weekly rate: $875.00
  • Daily rate: $135.00
  • 4-day rate: $540.00
  • Seats up to 8 passengers with luggage for airport transfers

15-Seater High-Top Deluxe Van:

  • Weekly rate: $1200.00
  • Daily rate: $175.00
  • 4-day rate: $700.00
  • Seats up to 10 passengers with luggage for airport transfers

25-Seater Bus:

  • Weekly rate: $1500.00
  • Daily rate: $250.00
  • 4-day rate: $1000.00
  • Seats up to 18 passengers with luggage for airport transfers

Experience Jamaica with Villa Serenity

For the most economical and convenient way to experience the real Jamaica—its culture, beautiful scenery, and history—Villa Serenity offers free chauffeur service for all bookings of a week or more. This includes round-trip airport transfers from Sangster International Airport and Norman Manley International Airport. The chauffeur service includes a complimentary tank of gas, with guests responsible for additional gas purchases when required.

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Where to Eat in Jamaica

When seeking a place to dine in Jamaica, a good rule of thumb is to go where you see most people going. This generally means that the food is good and worth checking out. Some trendy places for top-quality Jamaican food include Scotchies in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, Ultimate Jerk Centre in the Ocho Rios region, Rick’s Café in Negril, and Pier One in Montego Bay.

These local restaurants offer delectable local fare for under $10 per person, perfect for exploring local offerings economically. Fine dining options are also available in all resort towns, starting from as low as $20 per person.

It’s always wise to ask a local person or a representative from your villa or hotel for recommendations on the best dining spots. They can provide insights into the best culinary gems.


If you’re seeking transportation around Jamaica as a tourist, you have several options depending on your budget and the level of privacy you need. Additionally, Jamaica offers many options for dining and enjoying local and international cuisine. For a luxurious and hassle-free experience, consider staying at Villa Serenity, where you can enjoy top-notch amenities, complimentary transportation, and personalized service.

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If you are considering visiting Jamaica or have already booked your vacation, there might be experiences on your bucket list that you want to have, one such experience is eating some original Jamaican jerk. Jerk is one of the most internationally known Jamaican product; it is the favorite of many visitors that travel to the beautiful Island. We will look at some of the places best places to get your Jerk chicken or pork in the Ocho Rios area and also in Port Antonio.

6 Ways to act like a local in Jamaica. If you are looking for a truly memorable family vacation with plenty of sun, sea, and sightseeing, then look no further than the stunning island nation of Jamaica. This tropical Caribbean paradise has African, Asian, European and Middle Eastern influences making up its vibrant culture.

Jamaica has something for everyone; cities such as Kingston and Montego Bay and towns like Ocho Rios and Negril, offer everything from museums, galleries, clubs, theaters, and restaurants to dozens of pristine beaches and a dazzling coral reef rich marine park.

But if you truly want to absorb the essence of this beautiful island and its enchanting melting pot of a culture, then experience Jamaica like the average Jamaican. Visiting Jamaica in a non-touristy way can make for a great family vacation, fun for adults and an enjoyable learning experience for children.

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