Offers information and tips on choosing the right Jamaica vacation rental for your vacation in Jamaica

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You have always dreamed of traveling to Jamaica for a holiday, to bask in the beautiful sunshine, relax on the pristine beaches and learn more about the exciting culture.

If you are visiting first time to Ocho Rios and want to have an authentic Jamaican experience, I will highlight things that you can do to experience and engage in the Jamaican culture in a direct way.

If you are staying in Ocho Rios and seeking the ultimate authentic and relaxing Jamaican experience, you need to look no further than the Bamboo Beach Club and Bamboo Blue Beach Club experiences.

If you are on the Island for a limited period, you will have to choose the attractions and activities that are most important to you because you surely will not be able to explore all the exciting options available.

Experience Jamaica Beautiful villas are Only a Click Away! If you are traveling to Jamaica and want a truly authentic experience, staying in a villa would be your best bet.

Memories are meant to be revisited. We invite you to experience Jamaica Ocean View Villa through the eyes of fellow travelers and share unforgettable moments from your own stay. Please click the videos below to hear what they have to say!

Visit a Tropical Vacation to Chase Away the Winter Blues

Are you seeking a way to chase away those winter blues? Make your way to a sun-soaked tropical destination, where you can soak in some sun and some vitamin D, while unwinding and relaxing amidst the beautiful white sands beaches, with crystal blue waters lapping at the shore.

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It might not be time to pack your bags for the fabulous Jamaica villa quite yet, but why not start thinking about the fabulous souvenirs you can bring back with you. That way, when you’re packing, you can leave some space for:

Less than a two hour car ride from your Ocho Rios villa lies Port Antonio. One of the most verdant seaports on the island, this destination is a well-kept secret from the majority of tourists in Jamaica. Port Antonio is a favorite Jamaican vacation spot for celebrities such as Harrison Ford and Bette Davis. It’s known for beautiful coastal views, less developed city, uncrowded beaches, and its world-renowned Blue Lagoon.

Many tourists arrive in Jamaica with a set itinerary in mind that takes advantage of Jamaica’s “Greatest Hits.” In other words, they come ready to see and experience the activities and adventures that the tourism sites, travel guides, and their friends who have visited recommend.

Jamaica Vacation What You Need to Know: Jamaica Villa  Insider Tips You Need to Enjoy Your  Jamaica Vacation

There are many attractions, beaches in and around Ocho Rios Jamaica that one can enjoy. Jamaica Ocean View Villa have put together an info graphic of the activities our past guest have enjoyed on their vacation to the beautiful and enchanting Island of Jamaica. With this Guide you and your family can experience Jamaica as it should be. Please feel free to download it here:
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Jamaica Vacation Packing Tips Packing for a vacation can always be difficult, especially now that many airlines have very strict luggage allowances. You want to make sure you have enough for your whole trip, but also leave room for any souvenirs you buy during your trip. One great thing about a Jamaica villa rental is […]

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