Jamaica, the home of Reggae and is the most captivating and liveliest island in the English-speaking Caribbean.

It is one of the most beautiful island on earth and a popular travel destination for tourists, thanks to the country’s wonderful climate, villas and all-inclusive resorts.

Here you will find several beautiful beaches, exotic restaurants, fascinating monuments and lovely hotel accommodations. Jamaica has a rich historical past and considered the place to enjoy and listen to some of the world’s best reggae music. The wind from the sea makes the environment cool during the day and at night time.

Jamaica is a year round destination. However, the average temperature in Jamaica is between 27 °Celsius – 29 °Celsius. If you are planning on taking your next vacation trip to Jamaica, it is best to know how the weather will be like. Here is a brief summary of the climate on this beautiful island.

Summer In Jamaica

The summer months of July and August are considered the hottest months of the year with an average temperature of 88°F. For those looking to enjoy a more relaxed vacation on the beach, explore some of the most beautiful attractions on the island, or play beach volleyball, you should consider visiting during summer.

Jamaica Ocho Rios beaches

Winter in Jamaica

The winter months run from December to February and regarded as the coolest times in Jamaica with an average temperature of 75 °F. Wintertime is usually cool but not as cold when compared to the ones experienced in Miami, New York, Canada, and England. The weather is ideal for several lovely outdoor activities.

It is the best time of the year to explore the mountainous areas including the world-famous Blue Mountain Peak. When visiting during this period, remember to come along with a jacket because you are surely going to need it.

One of the must-visit attractions during winter is the Blue Mountain Peak, which is well-known for being the coldest point in Jamaica at this time. The island welcomes a good number of tourists during the winter months.

Jamaica blue Mountain

Windy Months In Jamaica

The windy months in Jamaica is between March and April. During these periods, you may be prevented from enjoying several incredible water sports activities including parasailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Regardless of the weather conditions, you can still enjoy some of these lovely activities when you visit the Kingston area and the Negril Beach area, because they are more sheltered when compared to other destinations in Jamaica.

Jamaica water sports

Hurricane Season In Jamaica

Hurricane season in Jamaica runs through the months of June to November. Jamaica is weather friendly and had the last direct hits by a hurricane in August 2008.

Jamaica is not prone to hurricanes when compared to other territories of the Caribbean. Regardless, the thought of a hurricane has not deterred holidaymakers from visiting Jamaica.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Jamaica?

Depending on your preference, Jamaica can be visited at any time of the year. Based on the information above, the best time to visit this beautiful island is during the winter months.

During this period, the weather allows you to enjoy some of the best outdoor activities. If you truly want to experience the best Jamaican Vacation, plan your trip ahead of time.

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