Is it safe to Travel to Jamaica as yet?

Jamaica safe to travel as yet Covid 19

We are going through hard times. The pandemic has taken a toll throughout the globe. People from all walks of life are more concerned about their cleanliness and wellbeing, and travelers are no different. 

Air travel was thought to be the primary cause of why the novel COVID-19 virus has sprung up worldwide. 

How do you know if it’s safe to travel?

That depends on who you are. An older traveler in a higher-risk group might feel reluctant to leave home without a coronavirus vaccine. However, younger travelers likely are ready to go now. 

For example, Ina wants to if it is safe to travel yet.

At 75, with both diabetics and high blood pressure, she is in a high-risk group that makes her especially vulnerable to a covid-19 infection. 

I am originally from Jamaica and still have lots of families there. I enjoy hanging out by the pool, beach, and backyard with family, old friends and going shopping.

Celebrating the life and death of family or close friends. Currently, with the limitation on the number of people that can gather together, I am severely restricted.

The inflight transmission of the infection has clearly been documented. However, airline travel has become much safer now than it was at the start of the pandemic.

Before boarding a flight, you will need to take the following steps to avoid catching COVID 10 on your flight. 

 You need to make sure you wear a mask from the time you arrive at the airport until you leave the airport at your destination.

However, despite these and other best practices for staying safe in transit, many travelers are unwilling to risk it until we reach one — or all — of the benchmarks for travel safety:

Here’s how to know if it’s safe to travel yet

An increase in inquires for international travel indicates a readiness to get back on the road. Most travelers already have plans to travel by year’s end, and a majority say they’ll travel internationally sometime in 2021.

Coronavirus is highly infectious, and the outbreaks continue across the USA and beyond, in part because people are not wearing their masks. That’s the only way we will be able to travel again safely before a vaccine is available.

One of the signs that show that it is safe to travel is if the test positivity rate at your destination is around 1 percent.

Global Rescue’s members say that nations lifting the bans on travel, particularly the limits on traveling to Europe, will be a green light for venturing abroad. But experts point out that travel bans can be easy; reinstated if the coronavirus resurges.

When a covid-19 vaccine is available

Eventually, there will be a vaccine for covid-19, and it will provide public health with a valuable asset in the fight against this disease. Phizer 90% effective Having that vaccine will be a sign for many travelers that they can travel freely again.

How do you know if it’s safe to travel?

If nothing else, the travel industry hopes you will start planning your next vacation soon.

In September, it launched an initiative called Let’s Go There to encourage Americans to begin booking their next trip.

When it comes to feeling safe when you are traveling, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It will depend on your age, the state of your health, where you are planning to visit, and your risk tolerance.

You also have to keep a sense of perspective about the dangers of travel.

Is it safe to travel yet? For some, it is

Of course, many Americans are already traveling, albeit cautiously.

One of the trends we have already seen is increased travel by car and a real increase in people traveling recreationally with their families

If nothing else, the travel industry hopes you will start planning your next vacation soon.

In September, Jamaica launched an initiative called Jamaica Cares to encourage Americans and tourists to begin booking their next trip.  

Jamaica Vacation Rental homes.

Villa Serenity in Ocho Rios will join Jamaica in re-opening for the 2021 winter tourism season.

But while island-wide initiatives call for cleaning protocols and cleanliness standards to protect visitors from the COVID-19, the gorgeous five-bedroom property has an additional obligation: providing a true luxury experience in an era of social distancing.

Says Capalbo, “We at Villa Serenity have always adhered to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety protocols. But now we’re enhancing them to include several pre-emptive cleanliness measures.

We want to be able to guarantee guests the peace of mind they need to properly enjoy their vacation.”

The lengthy list of protocols for cleanliness means more than putting sanitizers everywhere within reach. In fact, certain luxury touches are to be enhanced.

For example,

  • The number of guests transported in the villa’s private airport transfer will be reduced to ensure proper social distancing

  • Doors and windows in public areas will remain open, ensuring maximum airflow and lush tropical breezes

  • Self-serve buffets will be replaced by table service

  • UV sanitizing devices for sanitizing phones, keys, passports, credit cards, etc. will be placed in every room and will be available for purchase (“We’ll add them to your bill,” says Capalbo.)

  • To aid in safe distancing, the bar lounge, gym, and spa areas have been extended to facilitate safe distancing and an open-air patio has been added.

“Every area of our villa will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on an ongoing basis with a minimum of two inspections daily,” adds Capalbo. And “to ensure all team members stay healthy both in and outside the workplace, they will be provided with ongoing specialized training on prevention and sanitation practices at home.”

Electrostatic sprayers 

Hotels, resorts, and vacation rental homes are using electrostatic sprayers to make sure the entire rooms are properly cleaned after each guest. 

They use different types of disinfectants. In most cases, these sprayers have sanitizers, cleaners, or various other antiseptics in them.

These sprayers can release charged droplets with a tendency to repel one another and instantly look for a surface to stick to. These hotels use sprays and sanitizers very frequently, and they are somewhat proven to be as effective as well. 

Ultraviolet light

Another way of telling whether a pale has been cleaned or not is by using ultraviolet light. If you have an obsession with cleanliness, you might already have that black light with you. This light can show you dirt that is not visible to the naked eye. 

But this light doesn’t tell you whether the place has been sanitized or not. But the good thing about them is they can disinfect surfaces for you. 

When the pandemic ends.

With the news of a successful vaccine by Pfizer and the request for emergency use authorization (EUA), which was shown in initial findings to be 90% effective, will be granted soon.

This is great news at a time when the world needs it the most. The initial evidence of the vaccine’s ability to prevent COVID-19 is welcoming.

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