Jamaica Airport Transfers: Get To Our Villa in Ocho Rios Easily & Quickly


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Unmatched SERVICE

Villa Serenity’s highly-trained staff is dedicated to meeting your needs with excellent service. With a higher staff-to-guest ratio than any other villa in Jamaica, you can experience an exceptional standard of hospitality.


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Your Airport Transportation Options

You book a flight, get on board, and land in Jamaica all geared up for an exciting time. But then comes the big question, how do you get to your villa destination for the start of your exciting trip?

The answer is simple, Jamaica airport transfer service. In this case, you need to plan your trip in advance if you want convenient, safe, and secured travel to your luxury villa.

The answer is simple, Jamaica airport transfer service. In this case, you need to plan your trip in advance if you want convenient, safe, and secured travel to your luxury villa.

Probably, you planned on using public transportation to get there. No doubt, public transportation is a great option but are you prepared psychologically to take a ride on a congested bus?

With Jamaica airport transfers, you will discover that the rides are much more convenient, comfortable, and fun.

The fact is you’ll feel the need for air-conditioning, thus making Jamaica villa airport transfer a perfect choice. However, it is important to know that many Jamaica villas also offer complimentary private airport transfer services.

Transport Options To Consider

With the many options available for guests staying in the resort town of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, Discovery Bay, and Runaway Bay traveling to and from Sangster International Airport, you’ll never be stuck for transport.

Here are some transport options to consider

1. Private transfers

Private airport transfer is perhaps the most convenient way of transporting from the airport to your villa and vice versa.

It is a great option for groups, families, and those looking for a quick, convenient and comfortable transport option. On landing at the airport, your experienced driver will load your luggage into the fully air-conditioned car and take you on a roller coaster ride to your villa.

Essentially, the private transfer comes with modern amenities including air-conditioning, comfy seats, and entertainment, amongst other things. Also, check to see whether or not your accommodation offers complimentary private airport transfer. If they are, then it’s definitely a plus for you. Get to your destination in style!


Airport taxis specialize in transfers to and from Montego Bay Airport for individuals and groups. Drivers are well-trained, professional, and knowledgeable.

Enjoy a relaxing and more rejuvenating ride all the way to your villa. As a matter of fact, it is a safe and comfortable way of getting around Jamaica while on a vacation.

What’s more, the taxi service offers a flat rate between various destinations in Montego Bay and the Montego Bay Airport.

Taxi services are worth considering if you are a couple, group, or family. Drop off and pick up service at any location of choice, meaningless backpack carrying.


The bus service is by far the cheapest airport transfer. These buses offer drop-off and pick-up services from the airport to Jamaica villas and resorts. Group discounts are available.

You can either make your reservations online or at the airport terminal.  This option may be worth considering for backpackers and solo travelers on a budget. Plus, kids aged 2 and below are normally free.

On the downside, expect longer travel time than if you were taking a private transfer or taxi especially if there are more passengers on the bus with you, which is very often the case.


Enjoy a tailor-made ride designed exclusively for you and your group. This door-to-door transfer service offers convenient traveling while making sure everyone gets to their destination safely and on time.

Your transfer time will be best suited to fit your need and requirements. Pick-up and drop-off service available whenever and wherever it suits you. Coaches are spacious, more luxurious, and can accommodate about 20 passengers per trip.

Why use Jamaica Airport Transfers

Well, nobody wants to have a stressful trip. So what are the benefits of using Jamaica airport transfers to take you to your pre-booked Jamaican luxury villa?

1. Convenient and accessible

Getting to your villa from the airport has never been easier. One of the reasons why Jamaica airport transfers are fast becoming a popular choice when compared to car rental is the fact that you don’t need any paperwork, nor do you have to deal with lengthy contracts.

The best part is Jamaica airport transfer will be out there waiting for you, so you don’t need to spend hours waiting at the airport after a long flight.

All you have to do is to make reservations for your Jamaica airport transfers ahead of time, and it will be there waiting for you. In addition, Jamaica airport transfer is convenient, easily accessible, and saves time.

2. Prevent getting lost

Airport transfers in Jamaica prevent visitors from getting lost. This is because the drivers are already familiar with the local areas and know exactly where you’re headed.

This way, you are assured of getting to your villa destination right on time. You can count on the driver to take you to your destination safely.

3. Experience Comfort

Contrary to popular belief, flying can be overwhelming and tiresome – not only do you have to deal with the delays, but you will also need to cope with the turbulence.

Most times, you don’t feel comfortable enough all through your flight, and the first thing you possibly need on landing at the airport is to relax and take a nap.

It will be extremely difficult to rest if you had rented a car. Airport transfers are convenient, comfortable, and fun for all, and are a perfect option for families, groups, and solo travelers.

The primary objective is to make your trip as comfortable and convenient as possible. Avoid all the hassles of navigating public transportation or waiting in line.

By pre-booking Jamaica airport transfer, your personal driver will be waiting for you to take you to your villa destination.

Get to your Jamaica villa in style and comfort. Regardless of your reason for visiting Jamaica, – wedding, vacation, business, family getaway, or any other occasion- plan ahead!

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