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Visiting Jamaica in March For The Best Spring Break Paradise

Wondering if you should visit Jamaica in March? Excellent weather, fun events, and luxurious accommodations await.

Do you still need more convincing that March is a great time to enjoy Jamaica? Are you wondering what there is to do in Jamaica in March? Are there family-fun activities in March? How about adults-only Jamaica March parties?

We’re here to tell you there is a plethora of fun to be had in Jamaica in March. From rum to orchids, you and your family will have a wonderful time.

Why Should You Visit Jamaica in March?

Before we get into the details of exciting March events in Jamaica, let’s give you an overview of why March is an excellent time to visit this beautiful Caribbean Island.

  • The weather is sunny and warm, with barely any rainfall.
  • The ocean is warm, making it the perfect spring break getaway.
  • Seafood, rum, and coffee festivals abound.
  • When Easter is in March, there are even more festivities to enjoy.

Jamaican Weather in March

March is one of the sunniest months of the year. The average daily bright sunlight in March is 8 hours. It does rain in Jamaica, but March is not a rainy month. On average, there are 6 days in March with some rain. That rain usually falls at night or early morning as a refreshing tropical mist.

Couple that with temperatures with highs of 82 and lowest lows of 66 degrees, and you’ll see why Jamaica is such a perfect place to go for spring break.

With summer year-round, all you’ll need to pack is a light raincoat and maybe one pair of pants. The rest of your suitcase can go in shorts and summer dresses.

Events in Jamaica in March

Ash Wednesday is in March 2022 and is a public holiday in Jamaica. Some events may be canceled or have a different schedule on that day.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a traditional Christian period of prayer and fasting.

Typically, Christians will have parties and lots of food leading up to Ash Wednesday. In Jamaica, they celebrate carnival after Easter. Some years this falls in March, but in 2022 Carnival will be in April.

Please note that many of the regular activities and events may be rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Family Activities in Jamaica in March

Seafood Festival

Ash Wednesday

Jamaica seafood festival

Fresh seafood and fun for the whole family can be found at the annual seafood festival in Montego Bay. Delicious food, activities for the kids, and foot-thumping singers make the event something you don’t want to miss.

Jamaica Orchid Society Spring Show

End of March

This beautiful display of flowers will dazzle you and your kids. Orchids grow naturally in Jamaica, with over 200 species covering the island. Plus, the proceeds to the orchid show go to supporting the Jamaica cancer society.

Carnival in Jamaica

After Easter

Jamaica festivals

In some years, Easter is in March, which means weeks-long partying and celebration throughout all of Jamaica. But even in years where Easter is in April, you can still experience some of the excitement. Typically, the carnival begins 6 weeks before Easter Monday or around Ash Wednesday.

Kingston, Ocho Rios, and Montego Bay are all hosting events. The celebration features colorful costumes, elaborate dancing, as well as Jamaican music and food for everyone. It’s a festival you don’t want to miss.

Best Adult-Only Activities in Jamaica in March

Jamaica Rum Festival

End of February to Early March

Jamaica rum festivalThe fun festival takes you on a tour of Jamaica’s rum production process. Discover the different estates, taste samples, and enjoy local food and music. The event is for adults 18 and older.



Experience the music of Caribbean culture with the Beach Road Trip Weekend in Ocho Rios with day parties, live music, and, of course, delectable food. Now in their 11th year, BRT is one of the largest celebrations of Caribbean music in the world.

Jamaica Coffee Festival


Coffee lovers, Jamaica in March is the place for you. Enjoy this immersive coffee experience that will take you from farm to steaming hot cup, put on by Jamaica’s favorite coffee growers in the Blue Mountains.

Places to Stay in Jamaica in March

Villas in Jamaica

With spring break and Easter preparations, make sure to book your March stay well in advance. Montego Bay Airport has the most arrivals in March, so you will need to book accommodations and activities at least three months before.

If you’re a family or someone who isn’t into rowdy drinking, we recommend avoiding Negril and Montego Bay in March. Spring breakers tend to create a wild atmosphere that can be uncomfortable for those who aren’t part of the party.

Since the pandemic is still a global health issue, it’s important to pick a place to stay that is full of all the amenities you may need in case Jamaica’s covid rules change.

That means a villa is a better choice than a resort since it is more private, with fewer chances to mix with strangers. Private dining, a private pool, and beach access with in-house cleaning, cooking, and driving make a stay in some Jamaica villas a truly luxurious vacation rental experience.

Villa Serenity in Ocho Rios is a luxurious vacation villa rental with staff and ocean views. We’re happy to help you with any Jamaican vacation planning and want to ensure your stay is elegant and fun.

You’ll stay in the luxurious vacation rental with only you and your cohort, ensuring that your close ones stay safe while having the time of their lives in Jamaica.

With 5 bedrooms and 8500 square feet of space, there is room for your whole family, a group of friends, a wedding party, or even a private spring break getaway.

Give us a call today to rent your luxurious Jamaica villa. But remember, spots fill up quickly in March, so don’t wait to book.