Jamaica Travel Guide

The Typical Accommodation & Cost

About Accommodations

Jamaica travel Guide,provide information on the type of accommodation Jamaica has to offer in terms; whether you are on a budget or if you want to splurge a little on your room, there is the perfect accommodation for you in Jamaica. You can choose from massive all-inclusive options to more charming villas, depending on what you are looking for. Here are some Jamaican accommodations available to you on the Island.

Villas In Jamaica

Experience Jamaica Beautiful villas are Only a Click Away! If you are traveling to Jamaica and want a truly authentic experience, staying in a villa would be your best bet.

You will have the freedom to explore the cultural and social aspects of Jamaica at your own pace and staying at a Villa gives you a homely feel that you might not get while staying at a larger resort.

Also, a Villa gives you more value for money, since you are paying only for accommodation, you will, therefore, pay the same rate whether it is two people or ten people staying, giving you the option to pool resources with friends and family making the per person cost extremely affordable.

Whether you are in the resort towns of Ocho Rios, Montego Bay or Negril, there are several charming and inviting Villas available to you at some amazing rates.

Prices and Where to stay

Pricing for Villas in Jamaica range from as low as $100 per night to over $300 per night, and there is a perfect Villa to suit your specific needs. Please also expect to pay additional service charges and cleaning fees.

Some of the popular Villas in Ocho Rios include; Villa Serenity, Jamaica Oceanview Villa, and Monticello Villas. In Montego Bay, there is Celebrity Villa Jamaica and Paradise Montego Bay Villa. In Negril Crystal Waters and Ocean Wave Villa are two popular options.

These are just a few of the many Villa options available to you in Jamaica and check out individual owners websites, trip advisor.com or Airbnb.com for more detailed listings. Staying in of these relaxing and family-friendly Villas is a sure-shot way to experience destination Jamaica in a genuine and personal manner.

Hotels and Resorts

Jamaica also offers many hotels and resorts to discerning travelers.  Some hotels that provide only rooms and breakfast and gives guests the option to dine elsewhere for meals.

However, most hotels in Jamaica are all-inclusive resorts where guests are required to pay for meals in addition to accommodation whether they want to stay at the hotel for all meals or not.

These resorts are popular with guests who do not necessarily want to go out and have an authentic Jamaican experience, and that is fine if you just want a beautiful place to relax, a serene beach and been served unlimited drinks and delectable cuisine.

However, we still recommend staying in a Villa for the most incredible and authentic Jamaican experience.

Prices and Where to stay

The cost of staying at all-inclusive Jamaican resorts starts from as low as $200 per person and goes up to over $400 per person for larger and more luxurious resorts. Some of the main all-inclusive resorts on the Island are Sandals Resorts, Jewel Resorts, Riu resorts and Iberostar.

If you are interested in staying at a Hotel that does not offer the all-inclusive service, some properties offer rates starting from around 50 dollars per night and this price is for the room and not per person.

Some of these hotels include; Rooms on the Beach and Fisherman’s Point in Ocho Rios. In Montego Bay, there is Doctor’s Cove Beach Hotel and Altamont West Hotel, and in Negril, there is the Negril Palm Hotel and Kuyaba Hotel. These are just a few of the many options available to discerning travelers.

Finally, our Jamaica travel guide provide comprehensive information on what Jamaica has to offer in terms of accommodation options. From Villas, Hotels and all-inclusive resorts to suit the needs of a wide array of travelers, whether they are on a budget, want a personalized authentic experience or just want a huge resort for familiarity, it is all available in Jamaica!

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