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Top 20 Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Jamaica with Kids'

Are you considering a family vacation to Jamaica? You are making a great decision. While Jamaica is a perfect beach destination, it is also the ideal spot for the whole family, with plenty of unique things to do in Jamaica. What do you think about when you imagine Jamaica? Many people think the main activity in Jamaica is visiting one of the pristine beaches on a honeymoon. While it is a destination to slow down and enjoy the ocean, people are often surprised by all the things to do in Jamaica for the whole family. Jamaica is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, making a comeback at around 1.5 million in 2021. And many of those tourists are families with children. Traveling with children is an excellent idea if you take some time to plan fun things to do in Jamaica.

Things to do in Jamaica with kids

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Kids love the pool at the family-friendly all-inclusive villa in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

This post will start you with the 20 best kid friendly attractions in Jamaica. Check out these things to do in Jamaica with kids. If you want a different tour, consider trying one of Jamaica’s ziplining tours.

Things to do with Kids in Jamaica

Zip-lining with Kids in Jamaica

Pick kid-friendly attractions in Jamaica to do with trained guides to make the experience as fun, safe, and educational as possible. You can experience some incredible Jamaica outdoor activities and experience nature from a different perspective and give your kids an adrenaline-filled experience they will never forget. Some locations you can experience ziplining include Montego Bay and Ocho Rio. The best site will depend on where you decide to stay.

This post will start you with the 20 fun things to do in Jamaica with your kid.

1. Ziplines vary in length and height, usually reaching areas of Jamaica’s backcountry you will not otherwise get to explore. Most zipline tours are half-day or full-day excursions that include refreshments and traditional food to celebrate the end of the adventure. Things to do in Jamaica

3. Swim With Dolphins

Location: Montego Bay, Ocho Rios One of the most popular kid-friendly activities in Montego Bay, and Jamaican things to do in Ocho Rios  with kids are swimming with dolphins. There are Dolphin Cove marine attractions at both locations. While swimming with dolphins should always be done with care, Dolphin Cove claims to be the number one site in the world and is partnered with over 24 different parks worldwide. Dolphin Interaction Ocho rios Jamaica You get to experience swimming with dolphins in their habitat of the Caribbean Sea. The experience is open for all ages, but a paying adult must accompany children under 11 years old for safety. Dolphin Cove Montego Bay is on 23 acres of ocean frontage. There are other fun activities to enjoy with your kids. You can pet camels, interact with stingrays, learn more about the marine world, and even swim with sharks! There are a variety of packages available for swimming with dolphins so that you can pick the best option for your kids. Dolphin Cove is the top thing to do in Jamaica Ocho Rios. Surrounded by rainforest, you can explore the jungle trail with plenty of wildlife to spot, such as iguanas. There are also games, entertainment, quality food, and the Caribbean Sea to keep the whole family entertained.

4. Experience an Adrenaline-Filled Cafe

Location: Negril Family trip Jamaica Rick’s Cafe is a great place to dine with the whole family. You do not have to keep your kids entertained here, as there is much cliff-diving action to watch! It is also a spot for thrill seekers perched on a 35-foot cliff. You can enjoy incredible views while watching people try some of the most adrenaline-filled cliff-diving in Jamaica. cliff jumping things to do in Jamaica Some thrill-seekers even jump above the trees to make it an 80-foot dive into the water. It is the perfect spot for sunset, enjoying food with your family, and meeting other tourists and locals.

5. Try Relaxing River Rafting

Location: Martha Brae River rafting is a slow and relaxing version of whitewater rafting, with various opportunities in Jamaica, including the Martha Brae River. Travel three miles inland from the town of Falmouth to enjoy this unique experience. It is an excellent Jamaica outdoor activities and its location for the whole family, with picnic grounds, shops, a swimming pool, restrooms, and a bar. You can also have an educational tour around “Miss Martha’s herb garden,” where your family can learn about some of Jamaica’s different healing herbs. You enjoy this rafting tour on a bamboo raft around 30 feet long. There are many qualified, licensed, and experienced raft captains to take your family safely on the adventure. You get to learn some of the histories of Martha Brae during this one-hour tour or even take a cooling swim

6. Visit an Oceanfront Theme Park

Location: Montego Bay Another of the top things to do in Jamaica Montego Bay is to visit AguaSol, an oceanfront theme park located at Walter Fletcher beach complex. It is a theme park with watersports, a white sandy beach, and go-kart racing. The go-karting has kid-friendly attractions in Jamaica, which makes it a popular choice for families. You can also try a banana boat with your kids, go for a snorkel to experience some of Jamaica’s colorful marine life, or take a glass-bottom boat. You can also use the tennis courts and try table tennis or volleyball, with rental options available. You’ll need all the amenities to be comfortable, such as showers and lockers. When you tire from all the different activities, enjoy some delicious food at the on-site bar, which includes vegetarian options and local favorites. You may even be lucky to catch some live music there.

7. Explore a Mystical Mountain

Location: Ocho Rios One of  the most popular fun things  to do in Jamaica is visiting Rainforest Adventures at Mystic Mountain. One of the most popular attractions is the 100-meter-long bobsled, which takes you down the mountain through the rainforest. It is the perfect spot for families looking for a fun day out. Other fun activities in Jamaica for families include a chairlift to explore the sky, a zipline, and a fun rope activity course. Also, try the waterslide, go in the infinity edge pool, and admire the natural beauty all around. Kids Water Park Jamaica Mystic Mountain also caters to parties if you celebrate a special day in Jamaica. Best for Big Kids 7-9, Tweens 10-12, Teens 13-17

8. Enjoy Dunns River Waterfalls

Location: Ocho Rios Located near Ocho Rios and Mystic Mountain is Dunn’s River Falls. You could combine this trip with your visit to Mystic Mountain for a full day. Dunn’s River Falls is featured on the front of Jamaica tourist brochures for a good reason. They are a stunning natural waterfall of around 1000 feet, with terraced steps. Climbing Dunn's River Fall in Ocho Rios Jamaica You can take a group tour to climb to the top of the falls safely or walk along the side and enjoy the fall’s natural beauty from afar. Insider tip: Planning on  visiting Jamaica with kids; Check out our complete guide to Dunn’s River Falls? Best for Tweens 10-12, Teens 13-17

9. Go Exotic Bird-Watching

Location: Montego Bay There are several spots for exotic bird watching around Jamaica. Still, Rockland’s Bird Sanctuary is a lovely spot for all the family. You can feed the birds and experience them up close in a beautiful garden. Some of the birds you can see include: These species are only able to be seen in Jamaica. There are also a variety of other birds to spot, including doves. It is best to go before 9 a.m. if you want to feed the birds with your family. It is a bumpy 20-minute drive from Montego Bay and around one and a half hour from Negril.

10. Wander Along Seven-Mile Beach

Location: Negril The serene white-sand beach is seven miles long. It is often voted the best beach in Jamaica due to its beauty. You can enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters safely. Seven-Mile Beach has everything from snorkeling and scuba diving to glass-bottom boat rides. You can also try horseriding on the beach. The amount of activities keeps the beach from feeling overcrowded, and you do not have to worry about waiting for specific activities as there is so much to enjoy. There are places to rent loungers, changing room facilities, restaurants, and all the other amenities you need to be comfortable. Location: Eastern Jamaica

11. Hike the Blue Mountains

Take the kids to the Blue Mountains on an adventure in Jamaica if you want an outdoor activity in Jamaica. The Blue Mountains are near Kingston in the east of Jamaica. You can make this a long day trip or an overnight excursion if you are on the other side of the island. Jamaica Blue Mountains The scenery is beautiful here, with plenty of photo opportunities. It is the top place for locals and tourists to hike, with some accommodation options. You can also try the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee here

12. Take a Dip With Horses

Location: Montego Bay It might sound like one of the funniest things in Jamaica, but swimming with horses is a popular tourist activity. People have trained horses to swim in the water while you ride the horse. Tours usually start by enjoying a horse ride before you switch to the ocean. Jamaica villas offers activities It is essential to pick a reputable tour provider, such as Chukka Tours, who cares for their horses. Horses are strong swimmers and enjoy the ocean, and you’ll enjoy the swim & Ride experience. The swim time lasts around 15 minutes before you want other activities with the horses, such as riding along the beach. All levels can try horse riding here, which makes it a great  fun things to do with in Jamaica with kids.

13. Explore a Cave Labrinth

Location: Runaway Bay If you want to explore natural beauty with your kids, add this to the list. The Green Grotto Caves are a popular half-day excursion for a family trip Jamaica. The caves are covered with green algae and have a rich history to discover. Jamaica caves Tour guides have experience guiding families and capturing children’s imagination with many stories. You can also experience the dark when they switch the torches off, so you can understand what it was like to travel through the caves. One of the best things to do in Jamaica with kids, in Runaway Bay is for a geological and historical experience. Best for Big Kids 7-9, Tweens 10-12, Teens 13-17

14. Jump in the Blue Lagoon

Location: Port Antonio Once named the Blue Hole, locals changed the name to the Blue Lagoon after the hit movie. This attraction is where Jamaica shines its natural beauty the best. The lagoon is a mix of salt and fresh water, with various water temperatures due to the water combination. Blue Lagoon Jamaica It is free to visit this landmark, but you can pay for an informative boat tour to learn more about the area. There are different tales about this lagoon, such as locals believing it is bottomless and being home to a dragon, which will capture your kids’ imaginations. Few facilities are available, so only travel with essential items or take a tour for convenience. Traveling to the Blue Lagoon from Ochos Rios takes around two hours and three and a half from Montego Bay.

15. Join an ATV Tour

Location: Montego Bay Do you want an adrenaline-filled way to explore Jamaica on your family trips to Jamaica? You can join an ATV tour, which is becoming one of the top fun things to do in Jamaica. It is important to note that there is usually an age restriction, so only children of 12 or above can join. Things to do in Jamaica It is one of the most memorable experiences to be able to drive your own ATV while experiencing some of Jamaica’s incredible views. Your end destination is the cove, so you can enjoy exploring this before returning to Montego Bay, well worn out after all the adrenaline fun. There are also some other restrictions, such as pregnant women not being allowed to join for safety purposes and weight restrictions. Consult with the tour agency direct for specific requirements.

16. Get Spooked

Location: Montego Bay Some people will say this is one of the unique things to do in Jamaica, whereas others will say it is one of the scariest. But if your family enjoys exploring haunted houses, this could be a fun experience. There are many ghost tours, including Montego Bay at Rose Hall Great House. The tours around this 18th-Century estate with slave history. It takes place in the evening tour around the 18th-century estate, filled with important history to learn, including Jamaica’s slave history. There is also a spooky legend to learn. Alternatively, you can play golf here at the White Witch Golf Course on an 18-hole green. You can also take a day trip here if you’d prefer to experience this estate’s history during the day. There is a discount for children between the ages of 4 and 11.

17. Try a Swamp Safari

Location: Falmouth One of the top things to do in Jamaica Falmouth is to try the swamp safari. It is the perfect spot for kids, especially ones who love animals. Visit the Swamp Safari Village to spot over 150 crocodiles at every stage of development. There are also snakes, boars, and other wildlife. You also have the opportunity to hold a Jamaican Boa or baby crocodile. There are also opportunities to feed the birds at this modern facility. A trained guide will accompany you, so your family also learns about all the animals and some surprising facts about this destination. It was the location for the 1972 James Bond film, Live and Let Die. For: Little Kids 3-6, Big Kids 7-9, Tweens 10-12, Teens 13-17

18. Snorkel at Montego Bay Marine Park

Location: Montego Bay Montego Bay Marine Park is the perfect activity in Jamaica for the whole family. It is a protected area of over 20 kilometers of shoreline, which includes mangroves, coral reefs, and seagrass beds. It is a great area to support because the marine park has been working with fishers for over three decades to manage the loss of fish stocks. It is a comfortable spot to snorkel because the reefs are close to shore. However, the reefs are still healthy, colorful, and packed with marine life to wow your kids because the park has strict controls. The best time to snorkel in Jamaica is between March and May; however, you can try this activity year-round. Some tours around Montego Bay Marine Park include stops at Margaritaville, which is also a fun stop for the kids. There are plenty of good food spots and even a 120-foot water slide. If you dislike snorkeling, you can enjoy a glass-bottom boat tour or sunset tour around Marine Park.

19. Observe the Luminous Lagoon

Location: Falmouth Close to Falmouth is the Luminous Lagoon, which is an exciting trip to observe this natural phenomenon. The lagoon is within a historic location where Martha Brae River merges with the Caribbean Sea. It was where sugar, rum, and other Jamaican exports departed. However, this spot is now famous for another reason. The lagoon shines at night, outlining fish in the water. It is considered one of the most popular destinations for tourists and scientists. It is growing to be one of the top things to do in Jamaica, Falmouth. Join one of the boat tours, which lasts around 45 minutes. They let you swim in the luminous lagoon, too. It will capture your kids’ imagination and is also an educational visit, as they can learn why the lagoon glows. It is because dinoflagellate microorganisms are in the shallow mix of fresh and salt water. For: Little Kids 3-6, Big Kids 7-9, Tweens 10-12, Teens 13-17

20. White River Tubing

Location: Ocho Rios Another popular adrenaline activity in Jamaica is tubing, which is also kid-friendly attractions in Jamaica. A popular things to do with kids in Jamaica is tubing is along the White River near Ocho Rios. Tubing is a fun activity where you ride along the river on an inflatable, which can be in different shapes, such as a donut with a closed bottom to prevent anyone from falling through. Jamaica villa adventures The White River is the perfect location to try tubing with your kids, as it is a shallow and calm area. You can enjoy the cool fresh water and surrounding tropical scenery. You get to pass different sights, such as plantations, bamboo groves, and places where people live along the riverbanks. The initial part of this tour does involve some gentle rapids, but you will be with a guide who takes you down the river. Usually, there are at least two guides leading groups of up to fifteen people. There is also safety gear, such as life jackets and helmets. There is also the opportunity to take a break during the tubing to go to the bathroom, stock up on refreshments, and try the swing rope, with photo opportunities. The rest of the trip is relaxing and ends at the beach. For: Little Kids 3-6, Big Kids 7-9, Tweens 10-12, Teens 13-17

The Best Activity in Jamaica

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