Why You Should Book an All-Exclusive Vacation at Villa Serenity in Jamaica

Are you dreaming of an island vacation where you are treated like royalty? You wake up to gorgeous views, in your personal house, with private staff, and the schedule is all up to you.

With Jamaica Serenity Villas, you will enjoy the benefits of an all-exclusive vacation with personal staff, your own villa, and the freedom to choose.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s learn more about the difference between the common all-inclusive vacation and the less-known all-exclusive vacation, or what makes a stay at Jamaica Serenity Villas an experience like no other.

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What is an all-inclusive vacation?

An all-inclusive vacation includes everything you do and needs during your vacation. It is usually one price-covers-all, including your room, meal, drinks, resort activities, and gratuities. You can essentially leave your wallet at home; the rest is completely pre-planned for you.

While some people may initially like how everything is figured out for them, many others get tired of the monotony. You don’t choose where you eat, where you will go, and you generally do not leave the resort.

Pools are crowded, the buffet food starts tasting the same, and the activities you want to do are always already booked up. You don’t get to choose when you eat or when you go to an activity. If you wake up late and miss breakfast, you have to wait for lunch. If you want to go to bed early, you might miss the live music.

Often all-inclusive resorts are situated far away from major cities or towns, so it is also not easy to leave the resort for something different. You might feel guilty about skipping out on the resort activities that you already paid for.

While all-inclusive resorts boast some choices, diverse food and activities fill up fast and have to be booked in advance; otherwise, you will be stuck with the status quo of buffets and fixed cocktails.

What is an all-exclusive vacation?

An all-exclusive vacation is the opposite of an all-inclusive. Basically, nothing extra is included in the cost of your stay. You will be in charge of food, drinks, and outings and have complete control of where what, and how you spend your vacation.

Many people enjoy the freedom this offers but stress about budgeting and planning everything for themselves.

What if you could have both?

With a stay at Jamaica Serenity Villa, you can experience the best of both worlds. Jamaica Serenity Villas takes the guesswork out of an all-exclusive vacation but includes the peace and planning of an all-inclusive vacation with choices.

Here are nine choices you enjoy with an all-exclusive vacation at Jamaica Villa.

Personalized meals. Do you want to have the option to not leave the resort but don’t want to eat the same thing every day?

At Jamaica Villas, you have your own private chef. Consult with them to decide what meals work best for you and your family.

Taste authentic Jamaican food catered to your liking, that varies every day, all at your choosing. You no longer need to worry about food allergies or booking in advance to get what you want.

Personalized drinks. We all love how drinks are included in many all-inclusive resorts. Jamaica Serenity Villa is no different.

Consult with your chef and server and have your favorite drink made and delivered to you with all your specifications.

Catered to You. Enjoy live music or a DJ as loud or quiet as you like – or not at all. Drink and eat at the pool, on the beach, or delivered to your villa, party late, or go to bed early: it’s all up to you and your desired schedule.

A Place to Call Home. Instead of one suite, at Jamaica Serenity Villas, you will have a whole ocean view villa with personal wait-staff. Enjoy a multi-bedroom, multi-bathroom house all to yourself. Feel at home while on vacation.

Personal Staff. At Jamaica Serenity Villas, you will be served by your own dedicated personal staff.

You won’t need to fight for attention, have long wait times, or not have your needs met as your staff are here to serve you and only you.

Privacy. While an all-inclusive vacation is private, you share many amenities with other patrons. At Jamaica Serenity Villa, everything is exclusive to you and your family.

No fighting for space in the hot tub, running into people in the pool, or struggling to find even one lounge chair that you like.

No Dress Code. Because you have the villa to yourself there is no dress code. If you want to spend the day and night in your PJs or swimsuit, you can. Enjoy dinner in sweatpants or in black-tie: the choice is yours.

Local Culture. All-inclusive resorts are notorious for cutting their guests off from the culture with locations far away from civilization and transportation.

With a stay at Jamaica Serenity Villas, you are within walking distance to Ocho Rios. Immerse yourself in the local culture, discovering local cuisine, music, and shopping just footsteps away from the resort.

Choice. With Jamaica Serenity Villa, you can choose what you want to do. Stay at the villa all vacation and be treated like royalty?

Do it! Want to venture off the resort to the nearby town? Do it! Plan it on your own or talk to your staff and they will arrange everything for you.

If you need a car, a drive, tickets to a museum, or an itinerary for the best places to see in Ocho Rios, the staff can figure it all out for you.

If you are the independent type, you have the choice to plan it all yourself but not the obligation. Enjoy the choices of an all-exclusive vacation without the stress of planning.

If you are tired of the mundane of an all-inclusive vacation but want a luxurious beach vacation, then an all-exclusive Jamaica villa vacation at Jamaica Serenity Villa will delight you and your family.