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Jamaica  Villa Serenity, Celebrating the Juneteenth Federal Holiday

About the Juneteenth Federal Holiday

The Juneteenth Federal holiday is a historical day celebrated in the United States. However, it is a predominant day that marks an essential facet, not only to the people residing in the United States but also to all people around the world as it commemorates the end of slavery for the African-American citizens that were subjected to slavery in the United States.

Jamaica villa celebrating Juneteenth

Previously, Juneteenth has been celebrated since 1866 as a state holiday but had not been declared a federal holiday. President Joe Biden signed the bill that established Juneteenth as a federal holiday from 17th June 2021 to commemorate the end of slavery in the United States.

Juneteenth originated in Galveston, Texas, and has been celebrated annually on June nineteenth from 1866, and hence the name Juneteenth. This followed after the President Abraham Lincoln Emancipation and Proclamation in 1862 that outlawed slavery in Texas and other states in the US. Following this emancipation proclamation, Juneteenth is also referred to as Jubilee Day, Black Independence Day, or Emancipation Day. On a note, it is the first holiday to be approved since Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which was declared back in 1983.

As such, it is a period that marks a crucial part of history in our lives, which needs to be commemorated and honored in all ways possible.

These include taking a day or days off and a vacation to socialize and engage in activities that commemorate this holiday.

The African culture comes into much essence when celebrating this holiday. Notably, we at Jamaica Villa Serenity have a special offer package dedicated to making sure that you and your family and friends have the best time possible when commemorating this holiday.

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Our Special offer for a new national holiday

As noted, we at Villa Serenity believe that moments matter. It’s the little and great moments that make up our life story and history, that we later come to celebrate.

Therefore, we take pleasure in offering the best packages to create unforgettable moments for you, your family, and your friends. To commemorate the Juneteenth National Independence Federal Holiday, we offer you 2 main packages as follows.

1. Book 4 Nights, Pay for 3!!

Under this package, you book for 4 nights at Villa Serenity but pay for only 3 nights. Therefore, we offer you an added night of fun, relaxation, and commemorative vacation in a serene environment in the breathtaking views of the Ocho-Rios.

Out of the experience you get to have with us, we give you an added touch of it to ensure you have enough time to enjoy, it at an extremely pocket-friendly budget. Besides, for those who would love to spend more days, there is another tremendous and pre-eminent offer presented below, especially for you.

2. Book 7 Nights, Pay for 5!!

The higher we go; the better it becomes! Under this offer, you get a whole week (7 days) of profound experience at the cost of only 5 nights. That is a whole 2 free nights for you, your family, and friends to experience our meaning of vacation in the Caribbean.

We at Jamaica Villa Serenity understand this is indeed a crucial time of life where you have left everything behind to relax and enjoy. We honor that through our dedication to ensuring your satisfaction through esteemed and cordial hospitality.

These offers present you with a wide variety of services from our bucket list. Our guests enjoy a one-of-a-kind Jamaican villa vacation in which personalization, elegance, and hospitality reign supreme in a comfortable villa with five spacious bedrooms and a dedicated full-time staff that includes a chef, butler, housekeepers, concierge, and grounds person.

You’ll have a stress-free ride from the airport in a non-stop transfer that is free of charge. We are conveniently located near major tourist attractions, and the luxurious villa is ideal for large groups, families, or couples seeking relaxation, fun, and adventure.

Furthermore, we are just a few steps away from the beach, with breathtaking ocean views and a plethora of activities for kids of all ages.

On this note, our founder, Madam Cavel Capalbo leads the entire Jamaica Villa Serenity staff in delivering optimally. The dedication, passion, and orientation to client satisfaction are breathtaking.

Madam Capalbo made sure to find a tranquil place with wild adventures, a cool environment, and exotic attractions and beaches; for the breeze of course.

Celebrating the Holiday

Fun and adventure fill your holiday at Villa Serenity. We have a wide range of options and activities prepared for you. These include the meals too. As noted above, the African culture is of the essence in this commemoration. Here is just a touch of what we have to offer;

Get to bond with your family or friends in a game or Karaoke at the Family Lounge, among other offers including;

  • Spacious accommodations with ocean views
  • Private pool with lounge
  • Exclusive bar & lounge
  • Private access to Puerto Seco beach
  • Private gourmet chef
  • Gym and spa
  • Exciting Jamaican tours & adventures
  • Yoga
  • Zip-lining
  • Waterfall adventures (rope swings included!)
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Sportfishing
  • Golfing
  • Sailing
  • And much more!

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Final Thought

The experience of taking a vacation at Villa Serenity cannot be explained. You can only experience it. In honor of commemorating The Juneteenth National Independence Federal Holiday, we have made the experience better by giving you 2 of the most commendable offers. You get to book 4 nights at the cost of 3 or 7 nights at the cost of 5.

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