The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Winter Blues

Escape Winter to Jamaica

Visit a Tropical Vacation to Chase Away the Winter Blues

Are you seeking a way to chase away those winter blues? Make your way to a sun-soaked tropical destination, where you can soak in some sun and some vitamin D, while unwinding and relaxing amidst the beautiful white sands beaches, with crystal blue waters lapping at the shore.

The island of Jamaica perfectly fits the bill! This island nation is just a few hours by airplane from most destinations in the United States, Latin America and northern regions of South America, making it an extremely convenient vacation destination.

Research has revealed that the cold winter months result in millions of cases of seasonal depression, also called the winter blues. This is more prominent in cold northern locations, since the cold temperatures keep people indoors. This can have a dramatic impact on your psychology and your brain, resulting in abnormal hormone levels which can trigger depression. What’s more, many are also burdened by constant, non-stop work, without the breaks and vacations that are common during the warm summer months.

Jamaica beaches

But the cure is actually quite simple! A bit of sun exposure and relaxation can help remedy the winter blues and a vacation to Jamaica serves as a wonderful way to recover and recharge!

Jamaica is home to lots of wonderful tourist attractions, from the beautiful white sands beaches, to the incredible mountains where you can hike through the greenery and take in all of nature’s beauty. There are also some incredible natural attractions, such as Blue Hole and Dunn’s River Falls.

From swimming with dolphins, to zipping about on jet skis, to snorkeling and scuba diving, Jamaica offers lots of wonderful water sports and activities that the entire family will love!

family activities, swiming with the Dolphins in ohco Rios

There are also lots of duty-free shopping opportunities, delightful restaurants and seaside bars where you can relax and unwind amidst the incredible beauty of the sunny beach.

Jamaica is the perfect destination for a winter vacation! In fact, tourism is at its height from mid-December through April, so you’ll find plenty of tours and activities to choose from while you’re visiting the island!

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