Jamaica Winter Beach Vacation to Cure Your Winter Blues

Jamaican Villa Vacations offers elegant, private homes available to you for the day, week, or even longer. Winter is a difficult time for many people for a variety of different reasons. The inescapable cold and barren landscape can make even the warmest homes feel a little bleak, not to mention make your body feel much more brittle than it should. Strenuous holiday bustle and the invasive cold might make you wish that you were on a beach somewhere.

Jamaica Villa Vacation

It’s pretty common to see an increase in recreational travel during the colder months. Many Americans travel south for the winter in an effort to stay warm, but even the southernmost states experience temperatures near freezing in the winter months. Texas and Florida both get down to the 30s and 40s (°F), which doesn’t offer much of an escape from the cold, and many other countries experience similar temperatures in their warmest regions.

Some families try to take advantage of the winter break to travel or spend quality time together. The kids are out of school for weeks and loved ones are in from out of town, but the weather permits only a handful of activities that usually involve snow or ice, and which usually end in a quick retreat indoors to warm up and get into dry clothes.

Fortunately, some places in the world are unaffected by winter’s bitter chill.

Just a bit further south than the cold winter destination of Florida, where temperatures drop to the 40’s (°F), there’s a small island seated right in the middle of the legendary Caribbean Sea: the lush, tropical island of Jamaica, with beautiful, sandy beaches, rich, vibrant culture and endless summer. Jamaica experiences only a few degrees difference throughout winter and summer months, with an average year-round temperature between 75° F and 85° F.

Imagine simply leaving winter behind and coming with your family to a world of warmth and sunshine. Waterfalls cascade over warm rocks that transition into sandy shores where the rivers meet the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

Jamaica Villa winter vacation

Basking in a villa in Jamaica on the beach, as an attendant delivers your drink, or looking out over the water from a shaded balcony with the scent of the refreshing, tropical landscape wafting through the air on an ocean breeze. It’s pretty hard to have the winter blues in a land of eternal summer.

As a tourist destination, prime Jamaican locations like the north coast offer endless outdoor activities and serene natural landscapes.

Within a few miles are vendors for jet skiing, parasailing, diving, waterfalls, coves, estuaries, tropical gardens, and the Caribbean Sea. Glass-bottom boats can take you out to explore the ocean, and golfing is always available at the resorts and golf clubs, even for non-members.

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While other locations slow to a hault as the weather cools, Jamaica comes alive with local and international character. This friendly, welcoming culture embraces you and opens its doors to show you everything Jamaica has to offer, from museums and gourmet cuisine to waterfalls and the famous Blue Hole. Each interaction you have in this free-spirited island paradise will leave you smiling. Apart from the landscape and activities, the culture of Jamaica is an uplifting and memorable experience in itself, and the locals are happy to share it with you.

Trade your dreary winters for an exotic experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

In this internet era, it’s never been easier to book an authentic villa in Jamaica and schedule all of the activities you want to share with your family and friends ahead of time. Plan spa services, marine wildlife interactions or gourmet meals, all while surrounded by lush greenery and clear waters.

Memories like this last a lifetime and strengthen the bonds we have with our loved ones. Whether your heart is racing as you swim with sharks or you’re dozing off on a private beach, you’ll be creating unforgettable moments with your loved ones that you’ll all cherish for the rest of your lives.

The best way to chase away the winter blues is to be near the people you love, but it helps to be near them in a tropical island paradise.

Flights from the States to Jamaica run around $500, and high-end lodging in a premier location can be found for less than $100 per person per night, making the Jamaican north coast an affordable vacation destination as well, especially for a large group of friends or family who can share the costs between them.

Hotels on the island are generally well-appointed and exceedingly adequate, but the real charm of a Jamaican vacation is found in the oceanview villas. These villas are owned, maintained, staffed, and appointed by residents of Jamaica, not by international corporations who don’t really care about your schedule and preferences.

Villa owners take pride in their presentation and impression on guests, driving them to create unique experiences that you can’t get from a hotel.

Leave your stress, worries, and cares behind and hop on a plane to the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Explore the north coast and the estuaries of Ocho Rio or the magnificent Dunn’s River Falls.

Dunn's River water falls in Ocho Rios

Eat local cuisine and gourmet international meals, but most of all, share a special place with your friends, family, and loved ones, driving out the cold-weather depression and replacing it with a feeling of contentment and adventure.